In Taiwan – Day 12 (Part 1)

View Of Jiufen

Since we arrived in Jiufen late in afternoon, we didn’t have the chance (or time) to walk around the town area. So, in order to fully maximise our time, we woke up early to experience what is like to walk on the famous streets. Besides, free breakfast was provided by the guesthouse’s owner.

Road Signs

We left our bags in the room as we didn’t intend to bring our bags along; all thanks to the lesson we learnt on Day 2.

Streets Of Jiufen

It took us approximately 5 minutes (or less) to walk to the narrow streets of Jiufen. On the plus note, we were heading down hill instead of climbing up.

Streets Of Jiufen


The streets were so narrow that it could barely fit 3 people side by side. And by 10am, the streets were filled with tourists. There were lots of shops along the streets which that sell variety of things such as food products and souvenirs.


Streets Of Jiufen

We wandered further down before we stopped at a common place where our driver will be waiting for us.


We left Jiufen approximately 11am and along the way to Taipei, the driver was kind enough to stop a few more places for us to have a look. We did stop at the Golden Waterfall again for another round.

Sea View

The condition was no better than the previous night as the weather was cloudy/foggy/misty/dull.

… to be continued


  1. Jason : Yeah. As bad as Taitung

    Calvin : Still got 3-4 days left. :P

    Jian : Pretty empty in the morning and at night. LOL.

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