In Taiwan – Day 14

It was our third day in Ximending. Getting bored and and tired, we decided to take our own sweet time. We woke up quite late in the morning till the point we skipped our breakfast which was provided by the hotel. At about 11am, we left the hotel and headed to the nearest noodle shop to grab our breakfast.

Green Noodles

Dry Green Noodles

The choice of the shop that we picked was rather a bad one. The noodles weren’t as tasty as those we ate throughout our stay in Taiwan. Somehow, the colour of the noodles didn’t look appetizing at all. Besides, the soup was just bland. I didn’t finish mine so as my friends. The only thing that I ate without complaining was the meat dumpling.


After our meal, we went back to our hotel room while deciding what to do for the rest of the day. One of the options (and we picked it) was to pamper ourselves with a visit to the hot spring. There were plenty of locations which offer these facilities and one of them was Xinbeitou. Apart from its easily access location, Xinbeitou is pretty famous for its hot spring.

Xinbeitou Train Station

Without bring out our cameras, we left the hotel at about 4.45pm. It took us quite awhile to reach to Xinbeitou as it was a little far out from Ximending. Do note that at 5pm, the clouds were a little dark already as opposed to what you normally see in Malaysia.

Xinbeitou City

As usual, we referred to the guidebook for its recommendation and best deals.  It took us quite a while to decide before we made up our decision on which to go for. We spent close to 2.5 hours in Xinbeitou before we left for Ximending for dinner. At that point, we were deciding whether we should go back to Shilin Night Market or to some restaurant near to our hotel.

Modern Toilet

And that was our choice. I guess we had enough of night market food. The restaurant was unique as they had this toilet theme. If you google them, you will know how ‘unique’ they are. Unfortunately, they only served dessert as they ran out of stock. Depressed (well… not really), we picked TGIF as our food source.


During our visit, it was Halloween period. The staffs dressed in famous characters and one of the most significant character was The Joker (from The Dark Knight movie). The atmosphere was great compared to the ones in Malaysia as the staffs were cheerful.


I have forgotten the name of my meal but I ordered a burger. It was probably the most delicious non-Taiwanese meal I ever had. Hehe. I ordered a starter too which was……


We didn’t had the chance to enjoy our dessert as we were rushing to catch a movie; Tropic Thunder. Well, we picked the right movie as it was uncensored. Fuck Vulgar words and brutality were all intact in the movie, unlike the one in Malaysia. That shows how lenient the government were. We called it a day after movie, which ended at midnight.


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