Of late, I’ve been really annoyed with the so-called Free MMS sent by telco company. I’m not sure whether they charged me blindly for the data usage (for retrieval) or not but a precaution step needs to be considered. So, my friend taught me how to amend some settings for my Nokia N95;

  1. Go to ‘Messaging’
  2. Messaging

  3. Go to ‘Options’ > ‘Settings’
  4. Messaging Settings

  5. Select ‘Multimedia Message’
  6. Multimedia Message

  7. Select ‘Multimedia Retrieval’
  8. MM Settings

  9. Select ‘Manual’
  10. MM Retrieval

So now, I’ll receive this message…

Annoying MMS

… first before they download the MMS. A lil hassle but save me money.


  1. i think it is foc .. anyhow, i am using 99 unlimited data package .. so no harm receiving the spam mms :P

  2. by the way dude, go thru y flickr .. was wondering what lenses you use for this photo?


  3. Dan : From what I’ve heard, they are charging. But not sure how true it is. I’m using Canon EF 17-40mm F4 L USM for that shot.

  4. any ideas for a sony ericsson?? btw, how much did you buy your 17-40mm?

  5. Calvin : I’m not sure about SE. IIRC, I purchased it around RM2.2k (or less) second hand unit…

  6. oh ok….got anymore for sale??

  7. Calvin : Try to look in forums such as Shutterasia.com and PhotoMalaysia.com.

  8. Oh hello there Chong

    Just would like to comment on this. Basically Maxis doesn’t charge you for downloading their spams. Its free. I’ve called 123 (Maxis Hotline) and clarified with them. I’ve asked them to opt me out of their spam programme as I feel its not worth it for me to know what are their current promotion and stuff as it decreases my battery life (imagine my poor ol’ phone has to connect via 3G/UMTS and fetch the data)

    I recommend you to do the same. Call up Maxis and just mention that you would like to opt out from their spam programme. Yes , sir – I mentioned the term spam to them

  9. Pradeesh : Thanks for the info. I’ll give them a call soon. :D