Lexus IS 250

I took this while I was at Jiufen, Taiwan. Somehow, Lexus are pretty common in Taiwan, especially the model above. I used to like the older design but this (new) one defines an elegant yet sporty sense.

Oh yeah, my posts are running really low. So, I’m gonna start posting photos instead. :P


  1. Who ask u dun wanna snap pics of chicks at fashion shows?

  2. Did you drive one? Depending on where you go, the status of cars are pretty different. Go to Germany and you’ll get a cabbie picking you up in a Merc :p

  3. Jason : Shuddap.

    Robin : Me no take moving object. :P

    Simon : But that’s a different league in total. :P

  4. I’m not really a car kinda person..
    But I do like to have a Volkswagen Bettle :P
    its cute hahaha

  5. Jian : Yeah, it is cute. Hehe…