Lunch At Sid’s Pub, T.T.D.I.

It’s been awhile since I last had pub food. The last time I had was probably when I was in the UK; that’s around year 2005. I could recall that then, the pub food was one of the cheapest food around the place I stayed. And I made a point to have it at least once a week since the food was as good as the ones in mid-range restaurant in Malaysia and the price was affordable.

Sid's Pub

Well, back in Malaysia, I came to know about this place via a friend of mine and I am pretty delighted to know that they do serve British pub food. Oh so jolly… I miss the way how British pub feels like. The arrangement of chairs, the wooden tables and the bar with assorted types of beers and liquors displayed for customers’ viewing. Trust me, it is totally different from the ones we usually see in modern bars.

Sid's Pub Layout

Sid’s pub’s setting is almost similiar to those in UK. The chairs. The tables. The pictures on the wall. The design. It brings some nostalgic feel as though I travelled back in time to the point when I was in UK. Besides, the owner of the pub is a British and this makes more sense.


And as usual, we ordered a pint of Guinness each. Nothing beats a cold beer on a hot afternoon. The surrounding was quiet as there weren’t any crowd on that day. We enjoyed our cold beer while watching football on the tv screen.

Cod & Chips

About 10 minutes or so, our food arrived. My friend ordered Cod & Chips while I went for Shepherd’s Pie. According to my friend, the batter they used for the cod was alright. The layer wasn’t thick and the outcome of it wasn’t oily too. The dish came with mushy pea and tartar sauce. Besides, one could further ‘enhance’ the taste of the cod & chips by adding vinegar on it. Don’t ask me why, but it is British way of eating them.

Shepherd's Pie

As for my Shepherd’s Pie, the most controversial pie of all,  it looked pretty small portion when it first arrived on my table. However, I was underestimating it. Fried potatoes coupled with minced lamb is enough to fill one’s stomach. Besides, to wash it down all, I still got my one pint of Guinness, remember? Although it was slightly oily, this pie is by far one of the most delicious pies I ever had in Malaysia. There were good amount of minced lamb in it with some peas, carrots and onions. I reckoned they fried the potatoes first before they stacked them above which made them crispy on the outer layer yet soft in the inner part.


Will I go back there for another round? Oh yes!! Do checkout this place as this is the closes you can get into the feel of a British pub.

No 34, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur

Map : Click here


  1. agree with thenomadgourmand on sunday roast….. i think i can cook better…:-)

  2. Terrible waiter named mark was extremely unhygenic. Many times we have noticed his nose digging exploits. Do hope sid take note as the word is out that hygine of employees is very important.

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