Canon Ixus 110 IS

Recently, Canon has launched a series of new compact digital cameras in Malaysia. One of those is Canon Ixus 110 IS. It is said to be a replacement for Canon Ixus 870 IS, but different parties have their own ‘version’ of story and so, I can’t confirm on this matter.

Canon Ixus 110 IS

With a smaller LCD screen (2.8″ as opposed to 3.0″), 110 IS (IS = Image Stabilisation) sports a slightly longer yet slimmer design compare to that of 870 IS. Besides, it is more curvy that it fits prefectly on one’s hand. There are four colours available for this; Sky Blue, Pink, Gold and Silver. Sadly, when I got this, there is no silver. :(


At the back of it, there are only 2 buttons and a dial (for simple navigation). Unlike the dial on my Canon EOS 40D, there are 4 directionals (up, down, left and right) on the dial itself for better navigations.

Explanation By Canon Ixus 110 IS

I’m not too sure how does Canon’s PnS (point-and-shoot) camera interface looks like previously but I can tell you, for the fact, that this camera has one of (or probably is) the most user-friendly in the market. They even take the liberty to explain each and every settings on the screen. *sweat*

Explanation By Canon Ixus 110 IS

Apart from that, there is built-in accelerometer too. So, beside of the conventional way of flipping the pictures by pressing left or right on the dial, one could just flip those (pictures) by a simple one hand movement (shaking or tilting it). Easy yet wonderful. With a 8GB SDHC card, one could shoot up to 2540 photos or 44mins worth of video clip, bearing in mind those are shot with high format available.

Modes On Canon Ixus 110 IS

There are 3 modes for you to choose; Video Recording, Program and Auto mode. Video recording is for er… video recording while Auto mode is for those who know nuts (or doesn’t give a hoot about settings) about camera. For the more adventurous, you might want to mess with Program mode.

HDMI Output On Canon Ixus 110 IS

As for video recording mode, this one is capable of recording high quality clips and is view the playback on TV via HDMI output. All in all, although the image quality won’t be as good as the ones produced by my DSLR, I can say that it is pretty good camera for not-so-serious-business shooting. Besides, I love the compact-ness and 28mm wide angle combination.


  1. oooooooo….
    new compact camera !! Nice !!
    Gotta admit the very few buttons is quite unusual, but have to love the simplicity of it.
    Its nice for an Ixus to sport something more curvy. I used to hate the usual squarish boxy appearance of older Ixus, though many find that good looking.

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