Freedom With A Cost

Since my parents are on holiday tour right now, I’ve got the whole house by myself. Freedom, that’s what I’m enjoying right now. But it came with a price… i.e. to clean the house periodically. Urrghh…

It ain’t easy, to begin with. Here’s what I’ve found so far…

– Cleaning is another form of exercise
– Mopping the floor twice is not as bad as washing a Hyundai Sonata car (thoroughly) but…
– Mopping does more damage to the lower back (body)
– Cleaning the bathroom once every two days requires more than just commitment
– Sweeping the floor is the easiest of them all
– No wait… Watering the plants IS the easiest job of them all.

I’ve got few days more left. So, I’ve gotta squeeze my freedom dry. Blehh…


  1. by what you’ve posted….i kinda get the feeling you’re a mama’s boy….lolz. neways, happy cleaning up da house bro :P

  2. Jason : Dowan. Lazy to ‘jaga’ them.

    Calvin : No la… It’s just that I refuse to do it most of the time. :P

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