Malacca Trip In 8 Hours

On one fine day, out of sudden-ness, I packed my (camera) bag and off I went down south; the historical land of Malacca for a short visit again.

Melaka Town Square

Upon arriving, I made my way to the city to stone there to for a walk. I took these…

Duotone St. Paul's Church

Melaka River

Proclamation Of Independence Memorial

1 hour later, I stopped by at Jonker 88 and ate this…

Durian Chendol

While stoning inside Jonker 88 shop, I snapped this…

Olden Stairs

Right after that, I met up with Jason and we drank this…


… while waiting for Jian so we could have dinner together. We ate here and by 8pm, I left for KL. More pics at my Flickr

-The End-


  1. Hey man,
    ahahaa yet another spontaneous trip LOL this is becoming a frequent thing for u.
    Oh and I love the second last shot, kinda shows a lot about malacca, in comparsion to the usual “famous” photos of the landmarks. very nicely captured.
    and these days I have a thing for sepia tone LOL dunno where that fetish came from.

  2. Robin : I cincai shoot only. I’m playing around with Sepia colours too.

    Ken : Thanks. Yeap, I’m still using 17-40 F4 L :D

  3. amazing pics..!! lol. i jz got time to read thru ur posts! missed a few but catching up! aiyoo.. jz hire a maid to clean at jz a day be4 ur parents come back. meanwhile. enjoy and mess up the hse!

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