Set Meal By TGIF, Pavilion

One of the cheaper alternatives to have something light for lunch in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, is to order TGIF’s set meal and to be shared among two people. And that’s what I did on one fine Sunday afternoon as I had a late breakfast and yet not wanting to eat something heavy for lunch.

TGIF Napkin

IIANM, TGIF used to have this set meal for RM39.90 (excluding taxes) whereby you get an appetizer, main course and a dessert. But I’m not sure what has happened to that deal since it’s been awhile my last visit to this joint.

Tables And Chairs

The latest one I saw was RM29.90 (excluding taxes) for an appetizer and a main course only. Seemed a good deal to me since I can barely finish up the dessert after all the appetizer and big main course.

Fried Mac & Cheese

For starters (appetizer), I picked Fried Mac & Cheese, which is my usual go-for dish. Crispy on the outer layer, soft and rich texture on the inside. Though I like this appetizer, 6 pieces per serving is more than enough for me. It’s kinda ‘rich’ for me by the 4th piece.

Tuscan Chicken Melt

Tuscan Chicken Melt was something new to me. Never heard of it. Never try it before. Hence, I picked the said dish as main course. Tomatoes, onions, chicken cubes and cheese wrapped in a thick bread and toasted till crisp. Ample amount of cheese in it but there’s faint sourish taste. Maybe it was the sauce. Or maybe it was the tomatoes. And at the side, was the usual thick fries.

Mini Desserts

With an additional RM6, you get to choose two mini desserts. I took up that option and selected my two mini desserts; Strawberry Parfait and Chocolate Oreo Mint.

Mini Desserts

They were as big as shot glass (or probably slightly bigger) only so yeah, ‘mini’ did fit the description well. I didn’t really like them as they tasted bland. But, on the plus side, they did put fresh strawberry in it.

Ice Lemon Tea

It is sufficient to say that those were enough to keep me full till dinner time. But somehow, I feel that Taiwan’s TGIF is better compare to the ones in Malaysia. Maybe it’s just me…

Note : All photos above were taken with Canon Ixus 110 IS


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