I’m In BestFoodJunction.com Magazine (May 2009 Issue)

It all started with an email I received 2 months ago. It was an associate, Raina, in the Editorial team from BestFoodJunction.com, requesting for an authorization to use one of my posts from my blog.

“BestFoodJunction.com is a Web2.0 website focussed on creating a community of passionate food lovers. BestFoodJunction.com recently released Malaysia’s first ever community driven magazine devoted to food and dining content. Our magazine publication will mostly feature food-reviews and dining ideas from the community, restaurants and food-reviewers.

If your extract is published you will be given five (5) complimentary copies of the magazine.…………”

– a snippet of the email

Honestly, I was pretty surprised to receive such an e-mail requesting authorisation. Heck, I was stoned for the moment there before I replied the email. I agreed and they proceeded with their own stuff and all…


Then, came another email a month later asking me to head over to their office to collect the complimentary copies. Again, I was stoned because by that means that my extract should be in their latest issue (magazine).

5 Complimentary Copies

Long story short, I requested to send the magazine to me instead and I received it another month later. 5 copies of the said magazine which I actually only needed one

Entree Bloggers

Lo and behold…


A pinky-size of my picture at the bottom of the article…


I was (and still is) flabbergasted. Seriously.

Many thanks to Raina and the folks in BestFoodJunction.com for providing this wonderful opportunity…

p.s.: There’s slight possibility that my parents will get to know about this blog. Shiat…


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