Kata Digital Rucksack DR-467 Camera / Laptop Backpack Review

Ever since I started using my DSLR, I’ve been solely relied on Crumpler Six Million Home as my camera bag. It’s a shoulder bag and I can fit all my camera gears in it without any troubles.


However, having said that, there is one item I can’t fit into, the only item which I use more than any thing else; a laptop. Hence, I’m forced to carry another bag, that’s if I want to bring my laptop out. In total, I’ve to carry two bags whenever I plan to bring both of them (laptop and camera) out on one fine day.

Therefore, with that (trouble) in mind, I’ve decided to get a 2-in-1 backpack. There are couple of brands; namely Lowepro, Crumpler and etc., which offers such backpacks.


Initially, I was torn between choosing Lowepro CompuDaypack or Lowepro Fastpack 250. But after more readings and researches, Kata DR-467 came into play (and became my final pick) as it offers similar specifications yet at cheaper price. Besides, it garners quite a lot of good reviews over the internet.

The company (Kata joined with VITEC Group) has expanded and flourished world wide working together with its sister companies; Manfrotto, Gitzo, Avenger and others. Kata is a well known and respected brand in the Video and Photo market, which is distributed in over one hundred countries around the world.

– plucked from Kata’s website

In the specification sheet, the dimension of this bag is 13.4″ x 8.3″ x 7.7″.


In reality, it is slightly smaller than the ordinary hand-carry luggage. Therefore, it is safe to say that you can bring this aboard without checking in.

This bag weighs around 1.4kg (when it is empty) but frankly speaking, it doesn’t feel at that weight at all. But I do expect to carry more than 6kg worth of gears during outing / traveling.

With TST (Thermo-Shield-Technology) Rib, it offers additional structural protection for camera gears. In other words, it holds to a certain shape and minimizes the risk of damaging camera gears.

The layout of the camera compartment is pretty decent, I would say. But don’t expect much as it is quite compact, slightly smaller than my existing Crumpler.

Camera Compartment

By the looks of it, it can fit a DSLR (with mounted lens and without battery grip) and 3-4 more lenses and flash. Like any other camera bags, there is a set of dividers. With that, you can configure the slots according to your own needs.

Laptop Compartment

At the back, there is laptop compartment for laptop (duh!).  Though the pads aren’t as thick as my other laptop backpack, it is sufficiently enough to give protection the laptop needed. With my 13″ laptop in it, there is still ample amount of space. I could probably fit in some documents too.

Extra Compartment

On top of the camera compartment, there is an addition compartment for other usage. One could put their wallets, clothings, iPod, journal, diaries, books and maybe an extra lens in it too.

It states that Kata provides 5 years warranty for any defects in material and workmanship and with addition of Lifetime Warranty Extension if your register your product online, for limited period offer.

Element Cover
What set aside about Kata and other two mentioned backpack is that it comes with Element Cover.

Element Cover

Though it doesn’t looked ‘fashionable’, it works as ‘rain coat’ for the backpack.

Honestly, I have no complaints about this bag. At affordable price, it functions the same as other brands. Design wise, it looks alright. It doesn’t scream / indicates that there are expensive gears in the bag yet it doesn’t looked geeky / squarish at all. Usability wise, it literally offers what I need; camera compartment, laptop compartment and extra compartment. The only downside I found so far is that the pads aren’t as thick I expected it would be. I guess that’s why the bag is pretty light when it is empty.


  1. How’s the bag? Are there any smaller bags that can fit a 15.4″ laptop and a dslr with kit lens? No extra accessories? Any idea?

  2. Renee – the laptop compartment measures 12″x16″ and squarish in shape (slightly rounded at the top). My 13″ screen MacBook is swallowed inside with room to spare. Screen size is only a vague indicator of laptop size, so your 15.4″ (I guess you mean the screen size) should fit with no problems.

    I also carry my Nikon D70 with an 18-70mm lens attached. The lens measures approximately 3″ long, 3″ diameter. No problem with the fit, plus all the knick-knacks like card reader, battery charger, mouse, external hard drive and other indispensble junk.

    The DR-467 is more compact than the Lowepro Fastpack 250 which I almost bought and looks more discreet, like an ordinary backpack. I wasn’t able to see them side by side at a store, but the Lowepro was taller and didn’t feel comfortable on my back (probably fits tall people better) and the big, stiff flaps that the waist straps are anchored to really bothered me. I like my Kata, I think you’ll like it too.

  3. Andy : I bought it around RM420 or so. Lowepro is slightly more expensive.

    Renee : So far so good. I guess this is the good size to fit as smaller ones can’t fit 15.4″ laptops. You might want to have a look at Lowepro CompuDaypack.

    chy : Thanks for the explanations and thanks for dropping by. :D

  4. RM420? Wow, that’s quite a bit more than I paid for mine (I’m in the U.S.).

    The next size down in the Kata backpack range with a laptop compartment is the DR-466. It’s about the same width as the 467, maybe a tad less tall, but the it is wedge-shaped towards the top, so it limits the size of the computer that will fit in. Glad I got the 467 instead because it can haul more junk around. My main 35mm. bag is a Tenba, 20+ years of location work and still going strong.

    Chong, I enjoy your blog. Quit putting up pictures of food will ya? I’m sick of wiping the drool from my keyboard! :) Southeast Asia is great for food, such a great variety of tastes and styles.

  5. chy : Sadly, we tend to pay more in Malaysia. Glad you enjoy my blog. And I’m happy that my pictures made you drool. Haha. :D

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