Mini Eggtarts From Restoran Win Heng Seng, Jalan Imbi

These mini eggtarts is probably one of the reasons why I literally drag my lazy arse on early Saturday morning for breakfast. It is from the same place, same coffee shop where I get my monthly once-in-a-blue-moon dosage of the infamous pork ball noodles. (Note : Recently, the shop has changed its name to Restoran Win Heng Seng. It used to be Restoran Weng Hing.)


They are as small as 50 cents coin but they cost at the price of RM0.60. It used to be at RM0.50 but I guess economy situation and bla bla bla and hence, RM0.10 price increment *pffttt*. However, though the price is a lil steep for something small like this, they are worth the money as it delivers the taste of what an eggtart is supposed to be.

The crispy pastry used with the smooth texture of the egg filling is somehow comparable to the ones sold by Tong Kee. One piece per bite (for me, at least), the filling burst into sweet flavourful eggy yet not milky taste and the bits of crisps from the wrapper (pastry) makes it more tasty.


  1. Hmm I heard theres this famous egg tart place at one of the sri petaling bakery shops. I think I might have been there once.
    Egg tart is probably one of the more successful dim sum dish that received a more general welcome in Perth !! You can see Ang Mogs eating egg tarts, no kidding.

  2. Robin : Yeah. There’s one in Sri Petaling. It’s called Tong Kee. It is famous for its eggtarts. Yes, westerners love eggtarts. Haha.

    thenomadGourmand : It tastes good as well especially when it’s freshly out from the oven. Try it!! :D

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