These mini eggtarts is probably one of the reasons why I literally drag my lazy arse on early Saturday morning for breakfast. It is from the same place, same coffee shop where I get my monthly once-in-a-blue-moon dosage of the infamous pork ball noodles. (Note : Recently, the shop has changed its name to Restoran Win Heng Seng. It used to be Restoran Weng Hing.)


They are as small as 50 cents coin but they cost at the price of RM0.60. It used to be at RM0.50 but I guess economy situation and bla bla bla and hence, RM0.10 price increment *pffttt*. However, though the price is a lil steep for something small like this, they are worth the money as it delivers the taste of what an eggtart is supposed to be.

The crispy pastry used with the smooth texture of the egg filling is somehow comparable to the ones sold by Tong Kee. One piece per bite (for me, at least), the filling burst into sweet flavourful eggy yet not milky taste and the bits of crisps from the wrapper (pastry) makes it more tasty.

Apart from the likes of Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Gloria Jeans, there’s one other place to enjoy a cup of coffee; Espressamente illy.

Espressamente illy

This particular cafe, which is located in Pavilion shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, is hard not to take notice whenever one walks through to the main entrance of the said shopping mall. With its modern design with a touch of simplicity, Espressamente illy exhibits the unique art of Italian café culture.

Espressamente illy

Like others, to enjoy a cuppa, one can opt to sit inside (fully air-conditioned) or outside (with natural breeze and viewing pleasure). However, having said that, while sitting inside, I noticed that the smell of fresh brewed coffee was pretty vague. Maybe it was due to the fact that the main door was opened all the while which might lead to ‘exchanging of air’, if you know what I mean.


There were two sets of menu; Beverage and Food. Since I was there for a cuppa and so, I didn’t really look into the food menu. Upon opening the Beverage menu, one would be bombarded with a variety of coffee. Cappuccino, latte and espresso are the ones that I know while the remaining ones, let’s just say, are new to me.

Table Arrangements

On my visit, there was an ongoing set breakfast, which we opted for, offered whereby one could get a cup of coffee and a pastry at affordable price. With a few choices of coffee, Cappuccino was the safest choice to go for. Heh!


The presentation was good but I could not say so for the taste. Although it’s a coffee, the flavour / taste wasn’t full-filling at all. Perhaps, a little too much milk in it.

Pineapple Pastry

The pastry that came along with the coffee wasn’t the best I had either. It was lukewarm-ish yet it tasted bland.

Cappuccino Freddo Greco

This same goes to my Cappuccino Freddo Greco. I loved the fact that it was chilled without any ice cubes in it, but the ratio of coffee over milk wasn’t appeasing at all. To get the flavour of the coffee, I’d to let it settle until there’re two visible portions; the base (which contains the coffee & a lil milk) and the top (which is nothing but foam and milk).

All in all, it was something different from the ones I normally go to for a cup of coffee. Apart from its modern-metallic design, the coffee brand they used; illy, has its own premium set of standards. I’ve heard of illy when I was in Austria but to see them available in Malaysia is pretty good thing. But then again, it’s the person who prepares the coffee which makes it different from the brand itself.