In Sabah – Prelude

During my recent break, I took that very opportunity to have my getaway / holidays in Sabah. It was a 6 days 5 night trip to the Land Below The Wind. Since there was nobody to tag along with, it was also my very first solo trip out of the Peninsular. This trip did raise some eyebrows but I didn’t really care much. It’s my holiday, anyway.

Truth to be told, I can’t really recall what or how I decided my destination. But the fact that I was clearing my annual leaves, the thought of staying at home for the next 10 days doing nothing wasn’t really an option at all. And hence, I came up with a list of places to visit, one of them would be Langkawi, but the cheapest (*very subjective on one’s perspective) yet worthy destination was Sabah, Malaysia.

Things kicked up a notch when MAS was having promotion for air tickets. Out of randomness, I surfed their website to checkout the price for a return ticket. The next thing I knew was I paid for the ticket and the confirmation e-mail was sent to my e-mail. That was 2-3 months back.

As the days went by, I did some research over the internet and drafted a rough plan on where to go and what to do. Oh yes, my ‘plan’ wouldn’t be made possible if weren’t for my friends’ guides and tips. Pictures (from the internet) did awe me and I was pretty much excited and hoped for that very day to arrive. But there’re also “What did I get myself into?!” moments, especially the day before my trip, which made me think twice before boarding the plane. But then again, I disregarded that “feeling” and went ahead with my plan.

I shall be ‘documenting’ them all in days to come…

Chronicles of Sabah Trip 2009 :-

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