Despite the newly launched Macbook Pro line, I still love my machine.

Apple Macbook

Now that all Aluminium Macbook renamed to Macbook Pro, somehow, it makes mine a ‘Limited Edition’. Heh!


  1. Still doesn’t beat my white MacBook ;)

  2. Just started using a mac for work recently. You really don’t need to upgrade cos the hardware and software are quite stable.

  3. *writing a letter to Santa for a MacBook*

  4. Andy : Mine still can kick ass, okay… :P

    thenomadGourmand : Get one! You won’t regret it. :)

    Boon : Yes. They are very stable.

    Jian : Hope you get one this coming Christmas :D

  5. What you mean “STILL”, yours is definitely newer than mine!

  6. Andy : Haha. :D

  7. Mine is a black Macbook …. very limited edition!

  8. I don’t want apple. I want orange can?
    I used G4 for a little more than a year for work, and thats the thing. It was not meant for engineering. Given an entirely different situation (non-engineering related situation), I might have loved it.

  9. Ken : I almost going to buy that but I resisted. :D

    Robin : Not so much of engineering machine. But it works well with designers, photographers (like you!) and etc. Besides, it’s a good stable machine.