Roasted Duck Rice By Sing Kee Kitchen, Taman Desa

On one hazy hot afternoon, me and my colleague made our way to a shop in Taman Desa for lunch. Although they serve other foods such as noodles and mixed economy rice, it is said that they are famous for its forte; roasted duck rice.

Sing Kee Kitchen

This shop, which occupies two shoplots, is situated in busy business area of Taman Desa and one would likely to miss this out as the shop is not-so-visible from the main road. If you know where Wisma Telekom Taman Desa is, then it is safe to say that finding this shop will be a breeze.

Ice Barley Water

As we arrived at about 12.45pm, the lunch crowd was about to build up. But thankfully, we were able to grab a sit without hassle. Upon sitting down, there will be a waiter / waitress to take you order.

Chili Sauce

It didn’t take long for our food to arrive; say 5-10 minutes. As a carnivore, I opted for roasted duck and pork rice (a.k.a. Siew Yoke) while my colleague ordered a normal duck rice. The duck meat was good, tender yet juicy and not chewy and the skin was kinda crispy. Topped with their sauce, it makes one craving for more.

Roasted Duck Rice

The roasted pork was equally good as well. The skin was crunchy yet not too salty and the meat was tender and succulent with a good amount of lard in between them. It literally melts in your mouth (not the skin, of course!) as you munch away piece by piece.

I didn’t know about this shop’s specialty at first but now that I do, I wouldn’t mind going back there again if that’s if I got extra time during lunch hour. Give it a try if you are in Taman Desa, especially around Jalan Desa Bakti.


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