Breakfast At Restoran Mei Sin, Off Jalan Imbi

One of those usual routines on Sunday morning is to get my much needed fix of Hot Pepper Soup Noodles with Pork Stomach. There was a place near my housing area that sell this noodles but the lady decided to call it a day. Since then, it was kinda hard to get good ones. Either they taste bland or they don’t sell at all.

Hot Pepper Soup Noodles With Pork Stomach

Well, not until recently when I was introduced to a stall in Restoran Mei Sin whereby I usually would go to on Sunday mornings to have my breakfast.

With ample amount of black (and white) pepper in it, the spicy-ness of the soup is at the right level to give the much needed kick and yet, it won’t leave your tongue and / or throat numb. What’s more is that the way they boil soup as it is murky-ly tasty. With additional charge, one gets to add some pork balls and minced meat in it.

Minced Pork Meat Soup

Other than that bowl of noodles, as a side dish, I would order a bowl of the minced pork soup from the pork noodles stall (a different stall in total). Although the soup has nothing to shout about, what I like about it is the minced pork meat in it. It has the right combination of lean meat and pork lard in it. But what sets apart this from other pork noodles have to offer is that the usage of “zhou hao yu” (a type of fish which is widely used in Chinese delicacies). With the inclusion, it somehow lifts the minced meat taste.

There are other common dishes in this coffeeshop such as wantan mee, lam mee, fried kuey teow, Ipoh hor fun and etc. But then, I would normally order these two favourite dishes on any given Sunday / holidays.

Restaurant Mei Sin
No. 16, Jalan Melati
Off Jalan Imbi,
Kuala Lumpur.


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