Buffet Dinner At Maya Brasserie, Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur

On one fine day, for some unknown reason, my mother gave me a a-day-before-the-expiry-date buffet voucher for two to dine in Maya Brasserie. Not knowing what to do with it, and since it was a last minute thing, the only person I could call was my mother. Maybe that’s her trick to make me to bring her along for buffet. Hhmm…

Maya Brasserie

Hotel Maya is located right in front of (or opposite of, depends on how you looked at it) Zouk (the club house) in Kuala Lumpur. If you don’t know, it is located along Jalan Ampang and it is on the same row of buildings as Wisma Selangor Dredging. If you still don’t know where it is, go slap yourself in the head and google for it.

Table Arrangements

Maya Brasserie, the restaurant I dined in, located beside the main entrance, exhibits a contemporary modern design. With the tables arranged distance apart, I reckon they could fit quite a number of people per go.

If I could recall correctly, unlike others, they were (or still are) offering buffets with different price range.

  • At price of RM60++, you are limited to the buffet section only
  • At price of RM80++, you can pick one from Main Menu and enjoy the buffet section
  • At price of RM95++, you can pick one from All Day Dining Menu and enjoy the buffet section

I might be wrong though so you might want to call up and enquiry. Our voucher was the second option and so, we ordered 2 main courses.

Kelio Scallops

My mother picked Kelio Scallops with Nasi Briyani as her main dish. I seriously loved the way they cooked the scallops. It wasn’t overcooked till it’s rubbery yet it wasn’t undercooked. The texture was prefect like how a scallop should be cooked.

Nasi Briyani

The sauce that came with the scallop was prefect as well. It went very well with the Nasi Briyani.

Sambal Tiger Prawns

I took the Sambal Tiger Prawn with Nasi Briyani. There were three big pieces of prawn and they were quite fresh. Infused with chili sambal sauce, they cooked it with some petai. Not a fan of petai, thank god they didn’t taste like one.

From the buffet section, they have…

Fresh Seafoods Selection

Salad Counter


I took these…

Buffet Plate


Roast Lamb Leg

The satays (beef, chicken and lamb) were good especially their peanut sauce. The raw salmon was fresh.

Assam Laksa

Their Assam Laksa was okay. The broth wasn’t overly sour yet there were ample amount of fish meat in it, which weren’t fishy at all.


Ice Creams

Ice Cream

There were decent amount of desserts as well. The most notable ones was the Haagen Daz and Potong ice cream. Heh!


Overall, there’s nothing much to complain about. Though there weren’t many selections on buffet section, the food was good so as the environment. Heck, I can’t even complain any since it was a free buffet. Unless you opt for the third buffet option, most of the food in buffet section was Asian cuisine and 50% of them were desserts.

Maya Brasserie,
Level 1, Hotel Maya,
138, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel No. : +603 2711 8866 (extension no. : 258)


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