In Sabah – Day 3 (Part 2)

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Freshen up abit, I headed back out to grab my dinner. This time, it was Filipino Wet Market. Not only they sell fresh produce (vegetables and fruits), one could get some souvenirs from there too. Items such as corals…


and seashells…


But what I’m amazed about was this…


It’s some edible algae. Apart from those, they sell foods as well. The area was pretty organised.

BBQ Chicken Wings Stalls

Part of it was occupied by BBQ chicken wing sellers. They all looked the same to me.


Opposite of the chicken wing stalls, were the seafood stalls.

Grilled Seafood

Different stall offers different price. The only thing one could do is to bargain. The prawns were enormously huge so as the size of the squids. Oh yes, they came in different price tag as well.



Truth to be told, I loved the way they cooked them. As simple it was, they grilled them over charcoal. There was no marinating process or seasoning involved. One could taste the freshness and sweetness of the flesh.


The prawns were succulent and most importantly fresh! The sauce they provided were slightly spicy yet sourish but it went well with the seafood. Moreover, the sauce was appetizing.

Grilled Seafood

The squids were great as well. The outer layer was tender while the inner was gamey texture.

Sunset At Waterfront

By the time I left the stall, the sun was just about to set. One thing for sure is that each day, one could see / feel that the sun set is different. The orange light casts over the cloud formation differs each day and the warmth feeling it provides is just so soothing. This is one of those moments that I wouldn’t feel bored looking at it over and over again.

I hung around a lil longer before I decided to head back to my accommodation to watch Friends on my laptop to call it a day.

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