Razer DeathAdder™ Mac Edition

Although Apple Macbook’s trackpad is awesome by itself, it’s kinda nightmare difficult when I tend to do some photo editting or gaming. Heck, I wouldn’t dare to imagine performing photo editting using a trackpad only.

So, of late, I’ve been scouting around and testing some mices. With the likes of Logitech and Microsoft, which users would normally go for, one might give a miss of the remaining brands such as Everglide and Razer. Well, I wouldn’t blame them since Logitech and Microsoft have a significant large fan base all over the world and the latter products are only known to hardcore gamers.

The Introduction
Razer, in particular, is well known in gamers’ world. With its wicked names, sophisticated yet comfortable design and state-of-the-art technology, one needs no reason why he/she chose Razer instead of other famous brands.

Razer Deathadder Mac Edition

Though I’m not a gamer (not even closed to amateur), I chose this (Razer Deathadder Mac Edition) because its simplicity yet not overly killed with tons of buttons and/or technology. One might say that those ordinary mices can perform too. Well, that’s true but, let’s just say, I’m being slightly picky.

The Package
Unlike other brands, Razer’s packaging is in a league of its own (in a good and bad way).

Book-Style Packaging

Though I like the book-style packaging, but in my honest opinion, Razer used all the space available on the box by spamming inserting all sorts of information on it. It has way too much information shown to potential customers. By comparison, this packaging has more words on it than the cover of a storybook.

Inside The Package

But upon opening the package, one will be welcomed with two things; the mice and an envelope. The quality paper they used for the envelope is top notch.

Inside The Package

In it, there are instruction manuals (master guide and quick guide version), installation CD, product manuals and stickers.

The Sensor
Unlike other higher end mices, this particular one has 1800DPI Razer Precision™ 3G infrared sensor in it, which they claimed that movement speed is increased by 2.25 times, compare to that of a standard 800DPI mice.  So, there won’t be any red light glowing under the mice as it is invisible to naked eye.

Teflon Feet

Besides, they are using Zero-acoustic Ultraslick™ Teflon feet (they are the white ones under the mice).

The Design
Apart from that, at approximately 128mm (length) x 70mm (width) x 42.5mm (height) in size, this mice comes with 5 programmable buttons, which I think it is sufficient for my own usage as I don’t need more than 5 buttons on my mice.

Razer Deathadder (Mac Edition) Top View

From the looks of the design, this mice is meant for right-handed users only and it fits perfectly with large hands. Due to its ergonomic yet comfortable design, one could use it for long hours. The top side of the mice is coated with smooth rubber including the large, non-slip buttons.

Gold-Plated USB Connector

Razer Deathadder Mac Edition comes with a gold-plated USB connector and 7-foot non-tangle cord. And since it is a wired mouse, the weight is pretty reasonable, if you ask me. It is not heavy like my other mice (Logitech V450) yet it is not as light as my office’s Logitech Optical Sensor USB.

The White Lights
There are 3 versions / types for this particular model; the normal one, Guildwars Edition and Mac Edition. They all sport the same design and the only way to differentiate them is by looking at emitting lights. The normal one emits blue light (on the scroll and logo) and Guildwars Edition has orange on it.

White Lights

Well, Mac Edition emits white ones…

The Scroll
It’s geared yet it doesn’t produce any sound. In other words, it is quite silent during scrolling. It’s like Microsoft’s meshed with Logitech’s scroll.

The Software

Razer Software

Razer is well known for its software for easy configuration. One can configure its sensitivity, buttons, double-clicking speed, lights, as well as profiles too. Best of all, with their On-The-Fly Sensitivity™, one can configure up to 5 different profiles (in the software programme itself) according to one needs (sensitivity) and can be switched instantly with a click.

From a non-gamer point of view, this mice is a good purchase for a normal use as well as for gaming. The weight is just right yet the build is prefect. The size is prefect for above-average size of right-handed user and the design makes it all comfortable for prolong usage.

Razer Deathadder (Mac Edition) Side View

Having said that, as I’m a fingertip grip user, there is one small problem. This model caters for palm grip users. So, it might take awhile for me to adjust to a palm grip style. Although the price is a lil steep, one might forget about the money he/she forked out after using it for the first time. Seriously.


  1. I used to own a Saitek mouse for years until it finally died after millions of hours of dota and other games that I did play back in those days. LOL…
    I think my current Logitech is dying too. Your Razer looks delicious.

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