My phone rang. Unable to see who it was, I just pressed the green button and then switched on my loudspeakers…

“Yeah?” My (almost) usual first word over the phone.


“I’m driving. Anything?”

“Erm… nothing.” My friend replied slowly.

“Are you sure?”

“Erm… Do you still remember the time when you said I can call you anytime of the day whenever there’s something happened or when I need someone to talk to? And we would meet up to discuss about it?” My friend muttered over the other end of the line.

“Er… I can’t really remember actually but I guess I did long time ago.” But sensing the sad tone, I continued. “Are you alright?”

There’s a short silent pause followed by another question. “What if I am not?”

“Then, I may have said that to you.”

“Great then! Let’s meet up!” A faint cheerful voice to the sad tone.

“Huh? What? Aren’t we talking right now? Why not over the phone?”

“Well… by now, you should know that I prefer to have face to face conversation.” That cheerful voice somehow lost again.

“Alright alright. I’ll pick ya up in a bit.” I hung up.

Yet, I was still trying to recall whether did I say that particular words or not.


  1. It’s a trick to con you out! :D

  2. A good trick indeed.
    Hahaha…I can use this LOL

  3. but u never know u might save a life !

  4. Jason : Maybe. Possibly. Hhmm… But I doubt so lah.

    Jian : -_-”

    Xin : Uh huh. I certainly never thought of that.

  5. yeah dude, I totally agree with xin…
    we should learn a thing or two from that emo fray song !

  6. Robin : By then, I’ll be more emo than my friend; that’s if she’s in emo state.

  7. do u provide tat service to everyone? LOL
    jk jk

  8. guin : Only to those I know. :D

  9. you should say to those u concerned >.< LOL

  10. guin : It’s the same. Those I concerned are those / friends I know. :)