Happy Kids

I bumped into them a couple of times when I was at Waterfront (beside the Filipino Wet Market) to take some pictures. They were minding their own business while I was doing my own stuff. But on one particular day, they approached me, without feeling shy, upon seeing me holding my DSLR camera. They were kinda awed at what I was holding. When I showed them my photo via a tiny LCD of my camera, they were intrigued of a sunset photo.

Being Cool

“Picture. One.” They said while pointing at themselves. It’s no brainer that they wanted their pictures to be taken. So, I did take one (or a couple to be exact) of photo(s) of them (as shown above and below). Once they saw the photos, they were gleefully smiling till the point of happiness. I’ve got to say, that particular sweet smiles of theirs made my day or even my entire trip. The fact that the simple thing I did made them smile indirectly made me happy.

Being Fun

Besides what hit me the most was the fact that these kids lived in a carefree world. Undeterred with what they didn’t have, they seemed to be happy at all times. Not owning any gadgets or toys, they were playing on the rocks (beside the sea) while their parents were working at the market. And that particular moment did in fact taught me something that I’ve been told all these while; instead of dwelling what you don’t have, let it the latest gadget, or the fastest car or even the wealth that you wished for, be satisfied with what you got and treasure them every moment.

I do sincerely wish them the very best for the rest of their lives and continue to live happily as they were then.


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