Lunch At Jojo Little Kitchen, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park

Truth to be told, although I’ve heard of this, I have yet to taste the much-talked about Chili Pan Mee. I’m pretty sure that if you google for it, most of the results will show abut the said dish from the two famous shops in Kuala Lumpur. But, apart from those famous shops, there’s another one; Jojo Little Kitchen, which you might want to give a try.

Jojo Little Kitchen

Although it is just 5 minutes drive from my house, I didn’t know about this shop until my friend, Jason, told me about it. Situated in commercial area / new shoplots in Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, it is quite easy to find if you know your way there. But be warned that it would be hard to get a parking during working hours.

The seating arrangement of this shop is quite compact, I would say. Divided into two; smoking and non-smoking, the shop is pretty clean and tidy. When we were there, the shop was pretty packed with customers already. And by 12.15pm, there weren’t any space left to sit. I was told that the shop will be packed to the brim during lunch and I’m not surprised by that statement.

Jojo Little Kitchen

Upon seated, one would be given the food menu to refer to. There were about 10 types of Pan Mee in their list. The recommended ones were listed with a ‘mascot’ beside the names. Apart from those, they do have some titbits and toast for small eaters.

Lat Jiu Pan Mee

For first timers like me, I went for their famous one; Lat Jiu Pan Mee (Chili Pan Mee, in loosely English translation). With ample amount of minced meat, a poached egg, some chili paste and fried anchovies, it looked pretty decent when it first arrived on my table. Stir them all up and you get a messy yet delicious bowl of spicy (subjective to one’s tastebuds) pan mee. The noodles were slightly thicker than the usual ones I used to eat and it was rather dry even with the runny egg yolk in it. I had to steal some soup from my mum’s dish once in a while.

Chili Pastes

With three (3) types of chilis placed in individual steel containers, one could up the (hot / spicy) ‘intensity’ by adding more chili (paste) according to their limits.

Herbal Chicken Pan Mee

My mum opted for Herbal Chicken Pan Mee (spicy version). It tasted pretty good as the herbal-based soup was flavourful yet spicy and there were chunks of chicken meat in it.

Jojo Triple Colour Tea

For drink, I picked their Triple Colour Tea. With a mixture of tea, milk and wheatgrass, it tasted rather weird but good. But weird.

Tau Fu Fa

Last but not least, Tau Fu Fa as dessert. Coupled with ginger-based syrup (which is n recent times), it was probably the smoothest (*subjective again) Tau Fu Fa I’ve ever had.

Opening Hours

All in all, it was a pretty decent meal. The noodles were good so was the service (though one of waitresses couldn’t understand what I was talking about). I wouldn’t mind going back there again only if the parking problems around that area is solved. It was a nightmare when I was there. So, until then, it will be less of this and more of my usual bowl of Pan Mee in other place. Their opening hours is stated as pictured above.

Address :
No 30, Jalan Kuchai Maju 9,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.


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