Dinner at Ikea Restaurant & Cafe, Ikea Damansara

By now, I’m sure many of you would have heard of the famous Ikea Meatballs or even have tried them for n-times. These little balls meatballs are as famous as those furnitures sold by Ikea.

The Flag

I remembered when I first told Huey that I’ve not tried them despite hearing rave reviews and praises about those Swedish meatballs. She was in rather disbelief at first knowing for the fact that I love food and not trying them is like me saying I hate ice creams (which is not true, btw).

My Dinner

So, to get all those curiousity and disbelief diminished, I’ve decided to join her and another friend for dinner at the said restaurant on one fine Friday night. Finding parking slot was rather easy so was the place.

Ikea Meatballs

First up, Ikea Meatballs. They come in 5’s, 10’s and 15’s. *tsk* Keeping my diet in check *tsk*, I took 10’s rather than 15’s. Indeed, the beef meatballs were rather tasty like what others have said. Not overly dry, those small-size meatballs were moist and nice. The gravy and the cranberry sauce (I think) that came along were best compliment with the meatballs. I finished up mine rather quicky. Yes, it was that delicious.

Fried Chicken Wings

My other side dish was their Fried Chicken Wings. Yet again, it wasn’t dry at all. But it wasn’t as tasty as the meatballs. It’s just nice as snacks.

Almond Daim Cake

For dessert, I was told that I should try the Almond Daim Cake. The cake was quite good as they all said as it wasn’t sweet. It was just right to end a sinful meal.

Princess Cake

Huey took the Princess cake. I took a bit of it and I quite liked it. 3 layers combined, it was quite sweet especially the green layer but it’s all good.

The total damage was RM22 (including a refillable soft drink). I guess it was quite reasonable judging by the food they served as well as the environment we were in. It was my first time there and I guess there will be many more to come in near future. What’s more is that they managed to maintain their food quality after all these years… or at least I was being told so.


  1. Almond Daim Cake!! So they have it again??
    My fren said its very good and he goes there every wk just for it!
    Then when I wanted to join him, he told they stopped selling it! Urgh!

  2. guin : Yeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh :D

    thenomadGourmand : Yeah. They are good. You should go there and try it one of these days. :D

  3. I’m obviously VERY effin behind my blog reads :P But damn, this post brings back all the awesomestsauce nom nom memories of Ikea meatballs.

    Hungry liao now. Dammit.

    Thanks for always indulging my food cravings :D

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