Sometimes, I Wish I Know What To Say

“What do you think?” C (not her real name) asked.

Before that, she told me something that caught me off guard. That very statement coming out from her was something I didn’t expect at all. “Your random thought really can go wild, huh…” I replied.

She was looking towards the window blankly. Her fingers were fiddling around a cup she was holding. Probably she didn’t hear what I said.

“You’re joking, right? What’s wrong?” I was trying to seek some explanation behind it.

“Nothing. Just that we seldom talk right now. And lately, I don’t have the mood to talk to him.” She explained.

“Look here…” I was trying to gain her attention but failed to do so. “Where we are right now is far away from where we came from. With the distance, time difference and all, it’s not that easy to communicate with one another.” I was trying to rationalise my reply as much as possible.

“Hhmm…” That’s all she said. I saw her submerged into deep thoughts.

“Furthermore, we are busy with our work / assignments right now and I guess he’s busy with his. So, it’s normal to have less conversation once in awhile because we are so caught up with what we are doing at the moment. It’s probably one of those ‘off’ days, if you know what I mean.” I added. “Don’t think so much lah. Just give some time and I believe things will get better.”

It was unusual silent after that. She didn’t say anything. Neither was there any mood to crack up any stupid jokes like we always do. Though I would like to add more to convince her that it was just a silly thought of hers, but I really didn’t know what other appropriate things to say. Instead, we just sat there in cold silent night sipping our hot tea…


  1. hey..happy belated birthday!

    and well..i guess u being there to listen to her & keep her company would hv made her felt better to a certain extent..and hope things gets better for yr fren ;)

  2. Stella : Yeah. Most of the time, I’ll listen and try to offer help as much as possible. :)

    thenomadGourmand : Thanks :D . I hope so. She’s perfectly fine now. :)

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