It happened not long ago…

“Movie tonight. Remember.” I sent a SMS reminder to my friend.

“Don’t worry la. I won’t forget de.” She replied.

Later at night, after work, we met up…

“Eh… What movie are we watching arh?” My friend asked.


“What is it?” She asked again.

“An animation leh.”

“Ouu… What time is the movie?” And she asked again.

I replied. “6.45pm. Didn’t I tell you about it a couple days back?”

“Ya. But I forgot already. All I know is there’s a movie tonight. That’s all it matters to me. Right?”

“…….” I didn’t bother to reply.


  1. What’s wrong with that wor?

  2. Ou.. Mean her night time has given to u totally. U better plan everything for her well next time. :P

  3. hahaha… sometimes I’m like that for certain activities which my friends plan. I don’t bother much about the details… Until later…

  4. Cheryl : Waste my time telling in advance.

    HL : No la. You interpreted wrongly. :D

    Steve : What the…