Brunch At 328 Famous Katong Laksa, East Coast Road

Katong Laksa. Mention these words in Singapore and most of them knew what you are talking about. I’ve grew fond of it since I had it more than year back. Heck, I like it so much that I make a point of eating it at least once whenever I’m in Singapore. Dare to say, the ones offered in Malaysia aren’t as tasty / good as the ones in Singapore.

328 Katong Laksa

I remembered the first time I was brought to this shop when I made a trip to Singapore long ago. And I didn’t know about the popularity of this shop until I saw them being reviewed in a T.V. food show. It is safe to say the shop is packed with customers during peak hours even though there are limited parking lots.

Katong Laksa

At first, as I was looking high and low for chopsticks, I found it weird to eat noodles with just a spoon. But after a couple of that, I’ve got used to it and wouldn’t mind at all. In this way, each scoop will have a bit of everything including its soup. It’s pretty simple to order. Just tell them the size and with or without ‘see hum’, at the counter / stall. That’s all.

Chili Paste

Topped with prawns and sliced fishcakes, this spicy bowl of noodles is something different compare to the ordinary laksa that you eat. The soup wasn’t overly thick like gravy but it was packed with flavours and slight sourish.

Katong Laksa

On each table, there is a mini jar of chili paste. It’s for those who wants to kick up spicy-ness of their bowl of noodles to another notch. I’m not too sure how spicy it was without the chili paste but I normally do add one or two spoons into my bowl. I like mine to be spicy.

Nasi Lemak

Other than that, eating during brunch (breakfast-lunch) time, I ordered a pack of their Nasi Lemak. This is probably the one and only place I could find nasi lemak wrapped in thick, and I repeat THICK, banana leaves.

Nasi Lemak

In it, there were the usuals; fried fish, fried anchovies, cucumbers, rice and sambal. However, there’s no hard boiled eggs in sight. -1 point for this. Hmph! Rice itself met the requirements of how a Nasi Lemak rice should be. It’s fluffy, firm, and creamy with fragrant aroma. The fried fish… nothing to shout about. The sambal was spicy but slightly sweet.

Lime Juice

To wash it all down, I ordered the usual lime juice. I’m not sure how they did it, unlike the ones in Malaysia, it is really good. It’s really refreshing yet not overly sour with slight hint of sweetness in it.

328 Katong Laksa

Overall, with nice clean environment, the food was sinful but good. It would be great if they all (including the lime juice) are available in Malaysia. By then, I wouldn’t have to wait for my next trip to Singapore anymore to sample this food again.

No. 216, East Coast Road,
Singapore 428914

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