Dinner At Restoran Tangkak Beef Noodles, Jalan Imbi

Despite me using Jalan Imbi for countless times, I’ve only got to know this shop recently when I was having family dinner at Overseas restaurant. Even my friend, who is from Tangkak, knew about this branch although he doesn’t live in KL.

Chili Sauce

Located along the bustling street of Jalan Imbi, it is situated a few shops away from Pizza Hut. Finding a parking lot might be a trouble and hence, it is wise for you park at the empty beside that block of shoplots.

Beef & Stomach Noodles

There wasn’t any crowd at all when we were there for dinner. Perhaps, it was kinda early as it was only 6.15pm. As the shop’s name indicated, they are famous for their beef noodles (duh!) and so I opted for Beef and Stomach Noodles.

Beef & Stomach Noodles

A bowl filled with beef meat and beef stomach, it’s rather tasty, if you ask me. Topped with salted vegetables, the portion is quite generous for KL standard. The meat was tender and nice while the beef stomach wasn’t overly chewy at all. Having said that, the soup somehow lacked of beef essence, if you know what I mean.

Beef Balls

For side order, we opted for a bowl of Beef Balls. Soaked in (probably the same) soup, they were quite alright. The texture of it is quite similar to those of pork balls.

Restoran Sup Lembu Tangkak

As this is my first visit, I’m not sure how does this shop fared compare to other branches or even the main one. But overall, to me, the meal was quite alright. The price is slightly above average, but with clean and simple environment, it pretty much justifies what you are paying for.

No. 133, Ground Floor,
Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.


  1. The pictures looks nice… They have one just opened not long ago near Bukit Cina… Haven’t try it yet, but looking at J’s comment… hmmm will think twice…

  2. Jason : I’ve heard about it.

    Jamie : Same same. Haha.

    Allison : You should try it out. :P

    Chris @ Christine : Yeap. You all should. :D

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