Dinner At Marche, VivoCity

One will be spoiled by choices available to them when they are asked to pick a restaurant / cafe to dine in VivoCity, Singapore. Well, I know I will be. However, having said that, I already knew what I wanted to eat when I was there during my recent visit (to Singapore).

Marche Singapore

Heard and read about it, Marche is famous for its open-kitchen concept as well as the freshness ingredients used for their food. The restaurant is rather easy to find as it is located at the top floor of VivoCity shopping mall. Design wise, it exhibits relaxing environment and one can enjoy the outside view (from inside) while dining in the restaurant.

Unlike the one (franchise) in Malaysia, each patron will be given a smartcard. Pretty high-tech, eh…

Guest Card

My friend and I decided to share the things we ordered. And long story short, here’s what we (or more like me only) took…

Garlic Bread

Seafood Pasta

The garlic bread was pretty good as there was decent amount of garlic butter spread on it. As for the seafood pasta, the cream-based sauce was too thick / rich as though it was more like a gravy. We liked it but after a couple of mouthful of it, we felt like we had enough of it. The seafood was fresh though…

Ribeye Steak

French Garlic Pork Sausage

The rib eye was cooked to perfection while the sausage was slight salty but good.

Fried Calamari

The fried calamari / squids were good as well although the batter was falling apart.

Spanish Seafood Paella

The only big letdown was the Spanish Paella. Somehow or someway, they overcooked it till the point of burning the base of the pan. Each and every spoon we took tasted like we were eating carbon. It left a bitter taste in our mouth and we didn’t bother to finish it. On the other note, I was really tempted to order their Pork Knuckles to give it a try but on second thought, it’s a lil too much / big and we were stuffed at this point..

Crepe with Chocolate Ice Cream

For dessert, my friend took crepe with one scoop of chocolate ice cream with fresh strawberries. The crepe was thin and light while the ice cream was rich and packed with chocolate chunks.


All in all, apart from the burnt Spanish Paella, the food was good. I love the concept of the restaurant as well as the wide variety of food they have. The front staffs were friendly while some of the cooks / chef were not-so-friendly on that night. The price is kinda steep and hence, it is definitely not an everyday meal for an average joe (like me). And last but not least, it is definitely better than the one in Malaysia. ‘Nuff said.

Marche Singapore
VivoCity #03-14,
Singapore 098585.

Telephone No. : +65 6376 8226


  1. Dear Chong

    Thank you very much for your comment! The pictures are great!
    We are happy to hear that you liked our restaurant and that you enjoyed your visit.
    In regards to the Paella we would like to apologize for the burned dish. Our staff should have changed the pan and offered you a replacement. Our restaurant manager is going to speak to the employees and will train them again.
    What concerns our price range we would like to let you know that we use mostly organic and non pestesites products which is why it makes it a little bit more pricy.
    Furthermore we would like to inform you that our directors have spoken to our franchise partner in Malaysia in regards to the issues and we are positive that it will be improved soon.

    Lastly I would like to point out our new restaurant in Singapore (Marché 313@somerset). I’m sure you would enjoy the decoration very much!

    We look forward to having you soon back with us again and send you fresh regards!

    Nicole from Marché International Headquarter in Switzerland!

  2. Jason : Yeah… I know.

    Nicole : Good to hear from you. Thank you for the compliment. They are just simple shots I took while I was there dining. I wasn’t aware of the exchange policy and hence, I didn’t lodge any complaint at all. But I did leave a comment card and hopefully they read it and took action on it. On the other hand, it’s good to hear that issues pertaining about Malaysia’s franchise were discussed and that it will be improved near future in order to be on par with others.

    Oh yes, I’m well aware of the new outlet at 313@Somerset. It looks good as I’ve passed by there during my visit and it was packed with customers!

    Last but not least, thanks again for dropping by.

  3. Wow, these people are actually monitoring blogs regarding to their restaurant and actually respond to it.

    Hats off to Nicole and the team at Marche Singapore.

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