Happy 2010!

When you ask for courage, would you ask for courage or an opportunity to be courageous? If you ask for intelligence, do you ask for intelligence or a chance to be intelligent? If you ask for patience, do you need it quick or wait for a mayhap to be patient? Many things you & I can’t do for a friend like take their sickness or absorb their calamity. Long story short, I can’t do everything for you but just wish you all Happy 2010 & if 2009 was bad, there’s a reason to it.

– taken from a friend’s posting in Facebook

Best wishes and have fun. And may you have a wonderful year ahead!


  1. I believe there are times we cannot just sit back and wait for opportunities to just fall in front of us. At times, we have to make chances happen, one way or another.
    Happy New Year 2010 !!!

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