Dinner At Trattoria Cucina Italiana, 313@Somerset

Recently, there is a shopping mall newly opened around the bustling street of Orchard Road, Singapore. They called it 313@Somerset and it is located along Somerset Road. Filled with retail outlets and restaurants, it is currently the go-to place for many and it is really packed during peak period. Hold on a second… everywhere is packed with people around Orchard Road regardless the time. Haha.

Trattoria Menu

And in 313@Somerset, there is a restaurant named Trattoria Cucina Italiana. It serves nothing but Italian food. And that’s where we dined for dinner…

Italian Soda

Italian Soda (Passion Fruit and Mango). It’s refreshing but other than that, nothing fancy about it.

Three Meat Pizza

Three Meat Pizza, they called it. Topped with pepperoni, marinated meat and hams, it was quite good as the tomato-based sauce has slight hint of sour yet tasty. If only there were more ingredients on the pizza, that would be great.

Seafood Linguine

The Seafood Linguine somehow fell short of taste. It tasted bland as there was no seasoning in it. Having said that, it can be saved with a lil bit of pepper and parmesan cheese. But on the lighter note, there were ample amount of ingredients (seafood) in it and they were quite fresh.

Overall, the food was good. The environment was alright. The staffs were friendly so was the boss. Price wise, they were alright for such location. Do try out if you are at 313@Somerset. But, be prepared to wait as we had to wait for seats. The place was filled to the brim during peak hours.

313 Orchard Road,
313 Somerset,
Singapore 238895.

Telephone No. : +65 6834 4833

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