In Langkawi – The Loaf

I was on my way back from Telaga Tujuh Waterfall when I decided to pamper myself with an expensive lunch. That’s when I took a detour to Telaga Habour (anyway, I have to passby there, no matter what) as that was where The Loaf situated at.

The Loaf

By now, you all should know what The Loaf is. But for those who don’t, it all started in Langkawi as a Japanese style bakery & bistro that offers the finest quality of breads, pastries and fine dining in relaxing environment – as what they stated in their website.

The Loaf

Iced Tea

Long story short, I’m gonna show what I ate rather than going all “once upon a time” story…

Cream of Mushroom

Cream of Mushroom in sesame bread. Although it was tad watery, it was one of the best soups I’ve ever tasted as there were fragrant mushroom bits with a hint of truffle oil in it.

Bistro Cheeseburger

Bistro Cheeseburger. Somehow, there’s something in the beef patty that made it different from other burgers that I’ve tasted. Maybe it was the ingredient they used.

Bistro Cheeseburger

Or maybe it was the way they cooked. Either way, it was real good as it was juicy (not overcooked) and addictive. It went well with the sauteed vegetables and melted cheese. I wonder if they serve this in Pavilion.

Banana Al-Forno

Banana Al-Forno. It’s something simple that could be done at home yet requires proper way to do it. It reminds me of hot molten chocolate except for this one consists of banana instead.

Banana Al-Forno

The natural sweetness from the banana coupled with sweetness from the honey as well as the saltiness of the butter makes it all intriguing yet lovely. And, with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream, it’s pretty much a well made dessert.

The Loaf

Overall, love the quiet environment as well as the food. The staffs were great and attentive. It was worth the money I spent on for the food they served and I would not mind going back there again.

The Loaf

p.s.: Okay, I lied… I’ve made a point to make a visit to that place when I was doing my Langkawi itinerary. :P

Lot No. C9, Perdana Quay,
Telaga Harbour Park,
Pantai Kok,
07000 Langkawi,

Tel No. : +604 – 959 4866
Fax No. : +604 – 959 4803

Opening hours :
Monday to Sunday (except Thursday)
8AM till 11PM


  1. Renee : LOL. Go eat!

    Ken : Yup. All those rick bas3rd’s yatchs are there. :P

    ai wei : Thanks! I enjoyed reading yours too. :)

  2. Man I swear you have the best looking burgers ever on your blog. Seriously, like for how many times already.

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