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I guess it was at the end of September (or beginning of October) when I realised that I still have yet to use the voucher for a free night stay (plus breakfast for two) at Hotel Maya. It was the same voucher which I won beginning of the year thru NST contest. Well, not wanting to waste it neither did I have anyone in mind who needed it, I booked for a night stay at the said hotel.

Access Card

It was also the same time that I realised that the voucher entitled me to stay at their Deluxe suite. To be honest, at first, I thought that I would be staying in an ordinary room like any other hotels have to offer. That was when the words of ‘Deluxe Suite’ printed on the voucher struck me and the description of the room (from their website) made me kinda speechless.

Deluxe Suite Overview

Situated opposite of Zouk (a clubbing scene) and walking distance to KLCC, Hotel Maya is probably one of those hotels which offers a suite-style room instead of a tiny / normal room in city centre. Although it doesn’t sound any smaller at all, their smallest room would be a Studio room / suite while the biggest would be Executive suite. Or maybe it’s the other way round.


Whichever way it is, the room that I got was a Deluxe Suite. You have no idea how awestruck I was when I stepped into the room. Yes, I know I’m a jakun. Heh! Stepping into the room, there is a table beside that serves as working table. Yes, there is LAN cable for internet connection (and no, I didn’t bother to test the speed though. But it was decent). Besides, there is WiFi service throughout the hotel hence, no worries if you have more than one laptop to connect to the net. What I liked about the table was that it was moveable and hence you can drag forward and backwards without moving your chair.

Deluxe Suite

Beside the table is where the ‘living room’ located. There lies comfortable couch with a television and DVD player placed right in front for viewing pleasure.

TV Channels

Television Set & DVD Player

And since there is a DVD player, the hotel actually has a collection of movie DVDs for hotel guests for rental (with no extra charge but limited to 4 hours only). A good service, I would say.


And here is the bed. A king-size bed. A freaking big bed that could fit 3 average-size human beings. And I had it all by myself. I felt like jumping on the bed but I guess the bed will break due to my weight. The only issue I had was the position of the bed. It was placed perpendicularly to the television set and hence, I can’t enjoy my movie while lying on the bed. What a bummer! Nevertheless, it was a bliss…

Walk-In Closet

Walk-In Closet

Located beside the bed is where the walk-in closet and the shower room are. The wardrobe cupboard is bigger than I expected as it could easily fit my entire clothing collection in there. And there is a small safety deposit box for you to keep your valuable belongings safely. I’m not too sure if there was a ironing broad inside but I guess you can request for that from the service desk.

Styling Station

There are two basins in the room. The one above is located beside the cupboard inside the walk-in closet. Odd placing but I guess it is a place where you could wash your hands or treat it as styling / make-up station. Hairdryer is provided as well.

Bathroom (Dry Area)

And this is the actual shower room whereby the basin and toilet are in the dry area. You have to pass by the walk-in closet to get into the bathroom.


Basic toiletries were provided. Shampoo, conditioner, bath foam, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, shower cap, shaver, 3 different type of soap bars and etc. What’s more is that the bar of soap is 4~5 times larger than the tiny / cube ones you would normally get in other hotels. And there are 3 of them, different kinds.

Bathroom (Wet Area)

The wet area consists of a huge bathtub and a shower area. And they are at separate spot. At the shower area, as you can see from the photo above, the large shower head is situated right above the ceiling. And there is a separate smaller shower head if you want a thorough cleaning.

All in all, I enjoyed the stay. The room was spacious and clean. There were all the basic needs one would need. King-size bed, separated dry and wet bathroom as well walk-in closet were all in the suite. Check-in was a breeze and the staffs were friendly. Plus, free parking is provided for hotel guests. Looking at the price, I guess it is targeting the working class group especially those who are on business trip in Kuala Lumpur. It is located at a good spot (10 mins walk from KLCC) although it might get a lil noisy due to the club scene which is opposite of the road. And honestly, I could spend my entire time in there without stepping out of the suite.


Gosh, I miss it now… especially the bed. Big comfy bed.

Address :
138, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,

Website :
Reservations Number : +603 2711 8866
Hotel Fax: +603 2711 9966
Reservation Fax: +603 2711 2277


  1. Oooo…lucky you!!! I’ve read reviews of this place in magazines like e.g. MAS’s Going Places. Real super high class… I would never be able to afford to stay there… I would think hotels of this class would have carpetted floors instead of those wooden parquets though.

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