Penang Trip – Day 3 (Part 2)

It was close to 9PM when I realised that my tolerance level (by this, I mean that my stomach ain’t giving me much trouble) was increased to an hour without having to go to toilet. That was when we decided to have a quick dinner before the next ‘reaction’ starts to kick in.

New Lane Hawker Stall

10 minutes away from our hotel, the hawker scene at New Lane was way better than the one found at Kimberley Street. It is easy to spot this place if you are driving along McAllister Road. There are more hawker stalls on both sides selling the usual affair such as hokkien mee, satay, popiah, or chien (fried oysters), curry mee and etc. Leaving the order duty to my friend, I sat at one corner waiting for the food to arrive.

New Lane Curry Laksa

Although there were a lot of people, it didn’t take long for the food to arrive. The curry mee was alright. With the usual ingredients such as prawns, squids, cockles and tau pok, a small bowl costs around RM3.00. Pretty decent I would say as it was slight spicy.

New Lane Or Chien (Fried Oysters)

Priced at RM7.00, the or chien (fried oysters) was a disappointment as it was really sloppy, oil and starchy. We literally saw there’s more starch than the egg. The plus point was that the oysters were huge. I had a couple mouthfuls and I didn’t bother to finish ‘em after that.

New Lane BBQ Chicken Wings

The BBQ chicken wings arrived at our table lukewarm-ish. It was sticky sweet though the meat was moist. It didn’t come cheap as it costs us RM5.70 for a pair.

New Lane Char Koay Teow

The char koay teow was okay. Big prawns and decent amount of cockles, we paid RM5.50 for it. A little pricey but given that the portion was decent, I didn’t mind except it was not as good as Ah Leng’s. Nevertheless, it was still decent enough.

New Lane Beef Soup

The beef ball soup was probably my favourite dish of them all. I liked the broth which has beefy flavour in it. The beef balls were meaty and bouncy while there were other essential stuff like sliced meat and tendons in it. Priced at RM9.00, it might be pricey compared to others but it was worth paying, for me at least. It pretty much calmed my raging stomach down for a moment.

All in all, it is an alright place to have quick dinner with a variety of hawker food readily available in one place. We spent about an hour or so at the location before we headed back to our hotel to end the day.


  1. There is a better one in that area?It is located at GOH CHEW COFFEE SHOP.(beside sunway hotel)Must try it….u will never get regard

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