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Searching for a hotel can be a daunting task. One has to take into consideration of many factors such as the cost (rental), location, availability and facilities while choosing a right hotel that meets the allocated budget. Well… the facilities are optional but the rest are the crucial ones. If one (variable) does not meet with the requirement, the whole search plan will go disarray and everything will be back to square one.

Aree Tara Resort

I’ve been in such situation before and I can tell you that it is not a fun part to go through when it comes to planning a holiday especially when I’m new to a location. I can still vaguely remember the amount of research I’ve done prior to my holiday trip in Krabi, Thailand. The hotels’ reviews on TripAdvisor did help me a lot that I managed to narrow down my selections according to my budget and specifications. Coupled that with a good deal on AirAsiaGo website, I managed to book myself an accommodation and leave my worries behind.

The package I got included a return air ticket and 4D3N stay at Aree Tara Resort with breakfast and hotel transfer. It could be cheaper if I book earlier but I did it on last minute (one month before my trip) and hence, the price. However, price may vary according to the ‘season’. Therefore, it is best for you to check the seasonal rates over here to get an idea.

Internet Area

Located about 30 minutes from Krabi International Airport and 10 minutes from the popular Ao Nang beach, Aree Tara Resort is a modern resort that provides a combination of luxury and comfort at affordable price. Being categorised as “Minimalist Graphic Hotel”, it exhibits simple elegant yet homely environment that welcomes guests of all sorts of age.

Swimming Pool

There are approximately 60 rooms ranging from Superior to Deluxe rooms and the most expensive one is the Deluxe Pool Access room whereby it is located on the first (ground) floor with a direct access to the swimming pool via its private balcony. The swimming pool is not the smallest or biggest I’ve seen with 1.5 metres is the deepest on one end and 0.5 metres on the other end. Having said that, guests are welcomed to use the swimming pool for leisure swimming or dipping.

Deluxe Room Bed

Being on *cough* tight *cough* budget, I opted for Deluxe room (with breakfast) which I found it to be pretty good as well. Big comfy bed with extra pillows, the room, which faces a green empty land, is simple, comfortable and nice with basic room amenities. Complimentary water, hair dryers, dressing table, refrigerator and flat TV screen are all within reach.

Dressing Table

There’s no LAN port at the dressing table for internet connection. They only provide WiFi and it is not free of charge. I couldn’t remember the rates but it starts from 50 Baht for 30 minutes. If you did not bring any laptops or any internet connecting devices, there is a internet station with desktops setup for its guests’ usage. I guess that’s chargeable as well.

Shower Area

In the en-suite bathroom, there is a standing shower as well as a bathtub which is located opposite for those who like to soak in warm water after a long hectic day.


Toiletries such as bath foam, shampoo, soap, cotton buds and shower cap are provided for guests’ usage. Pretty basic I would say but it is sufficient as they replace / refill them everyday.


The shower can be tricky at times as I’ve experienced a sudden burst of hot water each time I used it. The water pressure can be quite low for some but I’ve no complaints about it.


The buffet breakfast is held at the resort’s restaurant on the second floor. I bet that is where lunch and dinner are served as well. Spacious, clean and airy, I like to dine there as it is comfortable and clean and I enjoyed the natural air breezed through the slits of the large opened windows.



The restaurant is well lit by natural lights from the outside and there are ceiling fans above to provide extra soothing air. Wooden chairs and tables are placed spaciously from one another and basic condiments such as chilli and tomato sauce, salt and pepper are placed on each table.


The breakfast provided is simple. Eggs, (pork) bacons, sausages, hams, breads, croissants, tarts, cereals, noodles, fried rice, pancakes and fruits are served everyday.



Occasionally, they do serve pork sausages, ham and some unique dish. Custom-cooked eggs are available at special counter and they are prepared upon request. I like my omelette to be cooked with hams, mushrooms and cheese in it.



There’s nothing shout about neither there’s extraordinary selections to choose from. It is simple and healthy buffet breakfast with no-frills or whatsoever. As they say, a scrumptious healthy meal is the key to a good day ahead.

Deluxe Room Bed

Overall, I had a pleasant stay in Aree Tara Resort. The experience was great, the breakfast was simple yet delicious and the staffs were down-to-earth friendly, attentive and helpful. Free welcome drinks were given upon arrival / check-in. Location wise, it is a little far from the popular beach (Nopparattara and Ao Nang) or the main street but a short walk won’t do any harm, right? They provide motorcycle rentals for their guests at affordable rates. Besides, one can book island tours through the reception counter too. I did my booking there and I was given a competitive rate without haggling. So, do consider this place if you are in Krabi for holidays.

Address :
177 Moo 3, Aonang Soi 8 Road,
Aonang Beach,
81000 Krabi,

GPS Coordinates : 8° 2′ North, 98° 49′ East

Telephone Number : +66 75 637 377
Mobile Number : +66 81 477 4868 / +66 86 476 8353
Fax Number : +66 75 638 343

E-mail :



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