Crumpler The Popular Disgrace Camera Strap

There are plenty of camera straps available in the market right now. Unlike the generic one that usually comes with the camera, camera straps by brands such as Matin, OP/Tech, Domke, Tamrac and etc are designed to be more stylish and comfortable without sacrificing its usability.

Crumpler Popular Disgrace Camera Strap

I stumbled upon this camera strap while I was strolling in Ion Orchard shopping mall. I was told by the salesperson (of Crumpler shop) that this product arrived the day before. I was awestruck by the simplicity and look of it. Unlike its (Crumpler’s) other famed camera strap; Industry Disgrace, this one has a much slimmer profile of strap which I really like.

Crumpler Popular Disgrace Camera Strap

This means that it’s easier to wrap around my wrist while on-the-go. I bet I couldn’t do that with Industry Disgrace camera strap. Furthermore, it’s easier when comes to storage as it is not bulky and thick. Another additional point is that it’s lightweight that it doesn’t add much weight to my arsenal.

Crumpler Popular Disgrace Camera Strap

On the padding department, it is covered with neoprene material which provides less friction to the skin. It is a plus point as rough surface like my original strap can cause irritation to the skin. But, having said that, I foresee that the sock will be the first one to fall (tear) apart due to constant abrasion (or wear and tear).

Crumpler Popular Disgrace Camera Strap

Besides, it falls short if you would to compare it with Industry Disgrace. As you can see, it is not as thick and wide and the broadness of the padding is equivalent to the strap. Nevertheless, it is still comfortable hanging around the neck for a long period without causing any problems.


It comes in two colours; black/green and black/black. And it costs SGD$24 per strap. As far as I know (or as of writing this), I can’t find this strap in Malaysia (but they are easily available at Amazon). Hence, I took the chance and bought the black/green strap instead of black/black. I would strongly recommend this to those who like to wrap their camera strap around their wrist.


  1. I think this strap looks very cool, but is it comfortable enough to hold a heavy dslr with a heavy lens on your neck? Or do you need a wider strap for that?


  2. jvvpc : I personally do not own any heavy lens. Hence, I can’t really comment about it. But if I’d to take a guess, it should cause slight discomfort after prolong usage.

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