Gong Cha Bubble Tea Malaysia In The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City

Gong Cha Malaysia, The Gardens Mall

With its first outlet in Subang Jaya is well under way, Gong Cha Malaysia has opened another outlet in Klang Valley. This outlet is situated inside The Gardens Mall (Mid Valley Megamall) and it is set to serve its loyal customers while introducing their signature drinks to new customers at the same time.

Gong Cha Malaysia, The Gardens Mall

Just like the other branch, this swanky outlet has tables and chairs decked out for their customers’ comfort / usage. Despite being located at a quiet corner near Isetan departmental store, it’s the ideal location for meet up or rest and relax after a shopping spree… with a cup of their signature milk tea in hand. It’s definitely worth the trouble to walk over just for their uniquely crafted drinks.

Gong Cha Caramel Milk Coffee

This time around, other than their Signature Milk Winter Melon Tea, I got to try out their Caramel Milk Coffee (RM7.50) which was recommended by the friendly staff. Coming from a cafe which specialises in milk tea, I was hesitant at first but the first sip was all it took to make me liking it.

Gong Cha Caramel Milk Coffee

A concoction of the unique sweetness from the caramel with aromatic taste of the coffee plus the richness of the signature milk foam made it a rather unique yet delightful drink. The coffee wasn’t as bold or punchy as an espresso shot but it was subtle enough to give a lasting taste in the mouth.

Gong Cha Bubble Tea Malaysia

Now that Gong Cha Malaysia have an outlet in The Gardens Mall, it will be one of my go-to spots for drinks… since Mid Valley Megamall (and The Gardens Mall) is, technically speaking, my ‘second home’.

Gong Cha Bubble Tea Malaysia

So, have you had any of Gong Cha’s drinks lately? If not, what are you waiting for? Remember to checkout their Facebook Page or follow them on Twitter for updates.

Address :
S-238B, 2nd Floor,
The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Business hours : 10AM – 10PM

Check out their Facebook on the locations in Malaysia.


  1. the drink looks creamy and potentially very filling (even without any food)! but thanks for pointing out the exact location; now i won’t have to hunt all over the entire mall for it :D

  2. Sean : Yeah, they are quite filling for a drink. In fact, people in Taiwan would buy a large size and treat it as their lunch. Hope you like it. :D

  3. First time here, the gong cha is really famous nowadays huh? Saw a lot ppl in my twitter enjoying it, not to forget Chatime! :D how I wish I could have chance to try it out..too bad far from me! T_T

  4. Jing-leBelle : Hi! Yeah, they are pretty famous now. No worries as there’s always an opportunity to try them when you are in KL! :D

  5. I am interested in setting up my own bubble tea business, Pls kindly forward me the franchise detail. thankyou

  6. I do interested in taking up your franchise. Appreciate you can email me thedetails a.s.a.p. I will consider either your brand or ChaTime.

  7. Hi I’m interested to franchise Gong cha. Could u pla let me know the details if u do offer any franchise? Thanks

  8. Hi,

    I’m interested to franchise Gong Cha, Kindly pls let me know the details if you offer the franchise package.

    Appreciated your prompt reply.

    Thank you very much.

    Best Regards,

  9. Hi I’m interested to franchise Gong cha. Could u pla let me know the details if u do offer any franchise? Thanks

  10. Hi,I’m interested in your franchise,appreciate if you can send me the details.thanks.

  11. I am interested in your franchise biz. Pls email me your franchise details.
    Thank you.

  12. Hi, I’m interested in your franchise.
    Please email me your details, thank you.

  13. I would like to enquire about opening a Gong Cha store in a prime location in Kuala Lumpur / Selangor ..please email me franchise details. Thank You.

  14. Pls. send me proposal/details of how to franchise, kindly send it to me thru email
    Note: im not from malaysia im from philiipines :)


  15. Hi, I am interested to open a Gong Cha store at Yong Peng, Johor. Could you please send me the details regarding this franchise. Thank you.

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