Restoran Kam Fatt, Tengkat Tong Shin

Most people adores meat. That’s the fact… except for vegetarians. But when it comes to offals, which also commonly known as ‘spare parts’, often than not, people tend to shun them as though they are not edible and don’t deserve to be served on a plate alongside with other normal dishes. Gizzards, livers, heart, lungs and what’s not are usually the optional choice and they have only a rather small fan base. I, for one, sit on the fence. I don’t hate them as I do like some of the offerings. For example; I like chicken gizzards but I hate the livers. Or I like pig stomachs but dislike the lungs.

Restoran Kam Fatt, Tengkat Tong Shin

But one of my favourite offals of them all has got to be intestines. Pig intestines to be exact. Braised ’em, fry ’em or cook ’em in (bak kut teh or hot pepper) soup, this chewy stuff sits above in my books compared to any other ‘spare parts’.

Unfortunately, not many stalls that I know of offer intestines. Part of it is due to the fact that it requires much attention and time to clean it thoroughly to remove any unwanted leftovers and smell / taste before cooking it. As the matter of fact, only the cleanest ones wouldn’t have any foul smell when you bite into it. What’s more is that if you fry them, it involves lots of oil which are deemed to be unusable after a few rounds.


I’ve been visiting this stall for more than a decade. It is located along Tengkat Tong Shin occupying a shoplot all by itself – a stone throwaway from Hotel Rae and directly opposite of Carrefour Express. They are famous for its variety of noodles like curry laksa, assam laksa and normal noodles soup. Aside from that, the reason I’ve been visiting throughout the years is because of their fried pig intestines. That, perhaps, is the sole reason of my ‘loyalty’. The fried pig intestines are really addictive as they’re saltish and crispy when dry and slight chewy when they are dipped into the soup.

Food Menu

Moreover, what I like about this stall is that their noodles are customisable to your likings. Although they have a specific menu on the wall (and a laminated version as well), I can opt to replace or top up any toppings which are displayed on the shelf.

Curry Noodles / Laksa

I’d usually go for their curry noodles whenever I’m there. Their curry noodles is one of the better ones I’ve ever had in a long run. Their broth is simply delicious. For the fact that they add a splashful of curry gravy at the end before serving, it helps to thicken the bright red soup.

Laksa / Curry Noodles

Some may find it a little too spicy but I’ll add a spoonful of chilli paste and a squeeze of lime juice to my bowl of noodles for extra kick and zing. Not only that, I get to add an extra serving of crispy fried intestines on top of my bowl of noodles.

Congee / Porridge

Their congee ain’t too shabby either. You can opt for sliced chicken or pork meat in your congee or you can go for plain one with fish sashimi on the side. In the congee itself, there’s finely sliced fresh ginger. Tell them to hold back on the coriander if you aren’t a big fan of the leafy herb.

Porridge / Congee

However, don’t expect it to be of smooth texture like what you would normally get in big fancy restaurants as their congee is as homely as one could get.

Economy Mixed Rice

A normal portion (of noodles or congee) will set you back around RM6 with extra RM1 for additional of fried intestines. If you’re not a fan of noodles or congee, they do serve mixed economy rice during lunch time. They are open for breakfast and lunch from Monday to Saturday only.

Address :
Restoran Kam Fatt
37, Tengkat Tong Shin,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.

GPS Coordinates : 3.146202, 101.707858


  1. I’d love to have that Teochew porridge. Went for that at one of the chap fan shops in front of Low Yat – not bad also. Tengkat Tong Shin – Muar Restaurant’s very nice. They say the beef noodles at a stall there too. Yet to go and try.

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