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I can still remember my first time visiting PS Cafe. Back then, my good friends raved about how good PS Cafe’s desserts were especially their famed Blackout Chocolate Cake. And that they planned to meet up in Paragon so that I could try the dessert. I liked the extremely sinful chocolate cake but what piqued me the most was how their main meals fare. Since then, I vowed that I would make a trip solely just to try out their menu.

PS Cafe

Fast forward a couple years later, with a mission in mind, I made a trip to with a friend. Initially, I wanted to have a brunch session but for some unknown reason, they were only opened for lunch onwards. Slightly disappointed, we wandered around before returning again for lunch.

PS Cafe

Located at a quiet corner on second floor of Palais shopping centre, we were there slightly after 12PM to avoid the lunch crowd. It is said that it’s advisable to make reservations as they could get really crowded during peak hours especially lunch. Being in there brought me back to the colony time. This quaint cafe has decorations of its own with dated-looking chairs and tables arranged in orderly manner (and not to mention, very close to each other).

The menu is rather limited yet it has something for everyone. The daily specials are written / displayed on the huge chalkboard located inside the cafe for easy reference.

Portobello Mushroom Soup

Served in a huge bowl, the Portobello Mushroom Soup (SGD$14) was earthy, chunky and hearty. The infusion of aromatic truffle oil certainly worked wonders to the soup as it has liven up the flavour of the already delicious bowl of soup. But in my opinion, they might look more presentable if they use white bowls instead of the one in the photo.

PS Steak Sandwich

The PS Steak Sandwich (SGD$29) was absolutely delicious. I liked the fact that the chargrilled sourdough was soft and airy on the inside while being crusty crisp on the sides. Sandwiched in between the sourdough was 400+ day grain fed rump steak chips which was moist, tender and juicy.

Steak Sandwich

Each layer of the sandwich serves its own purpose and chowing down them all in a go is a bliss. The sweetness of the teriyaki glaze, the tenderness of the steak, the soft yet crispy sourdough, the pungentness of the mustard. Mix them all and you’ll get a variety of complex flavours dancing on your palates.

Nori Seasoned Shoestring Fries

The nori seasoned shoestring fries were perfect sides to go along with the sandwich. Crispy with fluffy potatoes in it, they were as good own its own.

Spicy Albondigas & Spaghettini

Having awesome sandwich as one of our mains, we didn’t really like the other dish; Spicy Albondigas & Spaghettini (SGD$26). It was the caramelised beef meatballs that we didn’t favour much. Somehow, the tiny meatballs tasted rather odd; heavy on herbs and spices and they were rather dry although they were simmered in garlic tomato sauce. That said, the spaghetti was cooked perfectly while the tomato sauce was balanced with slight tartness to it.

Strawberry & Banana Smoothies

At the end of the meal, we were too stuffed for dessert. The total bill came to about SGD$94.15 (including a Strawberry & Banana Smoothies for SGD$11). It’s definitely not an everyday affair if you ask me but for such cosy ambience and immaculate service by the attentive staff, it’s alright to splurge once in awhile and pamper yourself with some good quality food. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to try their much-talked about Truffle Shoestring Fries. Oh well… I have another reason to visit them again. Click here for their complete menu and business hours.

Address :
390 Orchard Road,
#02-09A, Level 2,
Palais S.C.,
Singapore 238871.


  1. i haven’t been to p.s. but the food looks reminiscent of delicious and ben’s in kl, eh. in the best way, of course :D

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