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It has become some sort of ‘ritual’ to have dim sum for breakfast in Ipoh whenever we stopped by before resuming our trip to up north (Penang). After all, we’d usually depart from KL early in the morning, right before the sun rise. And it happened too frequently that we didn’t need to ask each other what we’re having for breakfast. It’s either the famous Foh San or its arch-rival; Ming Court, and Funny Mountain tau fu fa right after as dessert.

Curry Laksa

I think I got bored after the second or third time till the point that I need to ask an old friend of mine, whose hometown is none other than Ipoh, on food recommendation in Ipoh. And to ask such question will probably get you greeted with one simple answer ‘”Plenty. What do you like?”

One of those recommendations I got was this quaint little coffee shop which is located along Jalan Raja Ekram, a couple blocks away from Restoran Cowan Street Ayam Tauge & Koitiau. Finding a car park was a b*tch and knowing how efficient the authorities are (compared the ones in KL), we had to round the area for quite a number of times before we found one… which was quite a walk away from the coffee shop.

Chee Cheong Fun

Choices were limited but good enough to fill one’s tummy. Part of the main reason why I chose this place was because of its famous pulut kaya. Unfortunately, they were sold out (at 930AM on a weekday!) when we arrived. Disappointed I was but nevertheless, there were other stalls to try since it was our first time there.

These two dishes were chosen simply because the stalls were located outside and they were recommended by my friend. Besides, as one said (or from what I heard), you have got to try the curry laksa when you are in Ipoh.

Curry Laksa

They were really good recommendations, if you ask me. The broth of the curry laksa was perfect; adequately thick and flavourful yet packed with punch. The chee cheong fun was sliky smooth while the mushroom broth was light yet savoury, something different compared to the usual sweet brown sauce. A dash of chilli sauce was to provide some heat into the dish.

Oh… you should try their Iced Coffee too! Sorry, there’s no photo of it but rest assured that it was pretty good although it was not the famed white coffee. I couldn’t remember the price of those dishes but it should linger around RM3 to RM4 each.

Address :
127, Jalan Raja Ekram,
30300 Ipoh,

GPS Coordinates : 4.599504, 101.086664


  1. Oh wow, that curry laksa looks like something I’d love to try – so difficult to get the perfect laksa these days :D

  2. foongpc : Haha!

    DC : Yeah… and taste good too. Do try them when you are in Ipoh.

    Wendy : Yup. Finding a good bowl laksa is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Hehe.

    Choi Yen : Yes, you should! :D

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