Fatboy’s The Burger Bar, Publika Solaris Dutamas

My fondness for a good ’gourmet-ish’ burger has been a never-ending one. The first time I had a good burger was at The Daily Grind in Bangsar. That was aeons ago. But ever since then, my search for a good burger has been intensified, albeit lazy attempts, and I found my favourite one as far as in Singapore (here).

Fatboy's The Burger Bar, Publika Solaris Dutamas

Anyway, as usual, thanks to the power of Internet, I got to know this place which is quite close to where I am currently working at (yay!). Famous for its burgers, it said that its origin is from Singapore and when I realised how famous it was, the facepalm moment hits me like a freight train because I’ve not tried them at all despite my frequent trips to Singapore in the past years. Nevertheless, they are here in Malaysia!

Drinks; Iced Lemon Tea and Root Beer Float

One of their major enthrallments is the ability to let loose your invention and customise your very own burger. With 3 types of bread, 3 types of meaty patties and numerous toppings and sauces, there should be more than tens of combinations to try.

Customised Pork Burger by Fatboy's The Burger Bar, Publika Solaris Dutamas

The one I ‘created’ the other day consisted of honey oat bun (RM2), pork patty (RM11), bacon (RM3), fried egg (RM2.50), shiitake mushrooms (RM3), caramelised onions (RM2.50), cheddar cheese (RM2.50) and garlic aioli (RM1.50). Despite its massive appearance, the burger somehow felt underwhelming as the thick pork patty was lacking in taste. I would not say it was bland, but I guess some special ingredient and seasoning would definitely help in flavouring. A burger like this would set you back RM28 (excluding tax and charges).

Customised Pork Burger by Fatboy's The Burger Bar, Publika Solaris Dutamas

Other than burgers, they do serve dishes like appetisers, soups, salads, sandwiches and main meals. The one shown below is their interpretation of American classic; Mac and Cheese (RM18).

Mac and Cheese

Rich, thick and sinful, each bite was filled with full of cheesy guilt. The grilled chicken breast was tad dry but it was all good to go with the pasta. The garlic toast that came along was over-charred, making it close to inedible. However, the waitress (or the manager) was glad to replace it with a new one, albeit a smaller, soft piece.

Fatboy's The Burger Bar, Publika Solaris Dutamas

All in all, with my subsequent visit in consideration, this place is a good place to go to for a proper burger. The ambiance was lively with tables and benches arranged orderly. The service during my two visits were alright despite understaff during peak hours. The burgers that I tried were a-okay but their patties could be improved further. Nevertheless, this will not refrain me from visiting them as I foresee there will more visits to come!

Address :
Lot 30, Level G2,
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone Number : +603 6206 1352


  1. the burger combination you created sounds really delicious in theory! but i keep hearing complaints from customers about their pork patties, sadly. mainly that they’re dry and not as flavorsome as expected. i think the beef patties are the stars here…

  2. Saw a lot of ppl blog about this place..
    Have not try there yet….
    the burger seems expensive huh…..
    Thanks for dropping by… I am adding you in my bloglist…

  3. missyblurkit : Haha. I like Mac and Cheese too… to certain extend only. :P

    SBF : Yeah. I’ve yet to try their most of the burgers. :P

    Sean : Maybe beef is always the best patty for burgers. I’ve yet come across a good pork burger too.

    Choi Yen : Perhaps, they are following the standards from Singapore. Or maybe nobody told them yet. Hhmm…

    Simple Person : I think the price is pretty alright for the type of burgers they serve. Do try them out! And thanks for adding me. :)

  4. Haven’t been to this place before, the burger looks good, and shiitake mushrooms in a burger sounds interesting, might check it out ourselves next time!

  5. Wen Ching : Their burgers are good but their pork patty is somewhat a disappointment. But, do try them out and let me know what you think! :D

  6. The burger you created actually looks pretty good, too bad it was missing a “special” ingredient to bring it all together. Ever tried making your own burger at home?

  7. Baby Sumo : Something missing? Hhmm… I’m not a good cook and my home doesn’t have proper utensils. Hehe.

  8. Actually making a burger is super easy.. just need a bowl, frying pan, spatula and ingredients! If you want, I can share a recipe with you. :)

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