1. argh, tempting! there’s a mcdonald’s drive-thru that i constantly curse, because it’s only five minutes from home, and i have to always resist stopping by if i’m still feeling a little hungry when i’m coming home. i foresee i’ll be having this foldover for supper very soon! :D

  2. i miss this! :) would love to try it again

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  3. I was delighted when I saw McD posted about this ‘foldover’ on their FB page. I like foldover as its not too greasy. ;-)

  4. I’ll always be a burger person. These so-called healthy foldovers are not my thing la. hahaha

  5. Sean : LOL! Waddaya know… there’s a drive thru near my house too!

    Fish : Go! :D

    Melissa : Yup. I like their garlic mayo!

    dropsofcontentment : LOL! I’m a burger person too but this would be once in a while meal. Hehe.

  6. hahaha. i going 2 try this. i m food kaki. so any new food in town i sure will eat one. hehehe. ^^