Sumi-ka Yakitori Restaurant, SS15 Subang Jaya

Yakitori is commonly known as Japanese skewered food. But back then, it was known as Japanese-type grilled chicken. I guess times have changed over the years (or decades) whereby people got really creative and started to experiment all sorts of food they can get hold of, which pretty much explained for the vast variety of skewered food that are available these days.

Sumi-ka Yakitori Restaurant

Like most of my food explorations, it was through word of mouth and a small gathering that I got to know this place which serves pretty good awesome yakitori.

Sumi-ka Yakitori Restaurant, SS15 Subang Jaya

Occupying a small shoplot in Subang Jaya, you know you are getting good stuff when it is managed by a Japanese and a team of dedicated staff.



Pork Bacon wrapped Shitake Mushroom Yakitori

Chicken Cartilage (Nankotu) Yakitori

The menu is simple and straightforward with pork, chicken, beef, seafood and vegetables are all available for selection. The price is between RM4 – RM9 per skewer / stick.

Chicken Meatballs Yakitori

Gyumiso Yakitori

The highlight of that day was Gyumiso (as shown above). Juicy yet tender, it was just pure awesome.

Pork Belly Yakitori
The pork belly was pretty good too, thanks to the waiter’s recommendation. As you can see, there were no vegetables (except for the free cabbage, edamame and pork-wrapped enoki mushrooms) as we were all in mood for meat, meat and more meat.

Prawn Yakitori

Beef (Gyumiso) and Pork Yakitori

There were more dishes but due to hunger and pure indulgence, they did not make it to photos.

All in all, we were satisfied with the meal. The total bill was close to RM600 for 7 pax. Expensive? Yes it was… but there’s nothing much to complain for the delicious food we had and the wonderful session we enjoyed.

Address :
No. 19, 1st Floor,
Jalan SS15/4,
47500 Subang Jaya.

Tel. Number : +603 5632 9312 / +6016 224 9312
Business Hours : 6PM – 12AM


  1. ooh, i tried coming here for dinner on a weekend evening, but it was packed and i got turned away! never managed to return, but i hope to someday :D

  2. Wow, good yakitori? That’s quite rare in KL I guess. Thanks for the recommendation, will check it out. SS15, somewhere near Taylor’s College? (Or I could be wrong?)

  3. SBF : Yup. It’s probably the best I had too.

    Sean : Make sure you call them for reservations. I heard that the gyutan is limited to 1 stick per person.

    Simple Person : Yeah. They were nicely seasoned and grilled.

    Choi Yen : Haha. But you have to eat till you are full. :P

    Wen Ching : Do check it out. It is the row behind opposite of Taylor’s.

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