This particular stall has been in my must-visit list for as long as I could remember, all thanks to the power of internet (blogs). And for a pancake lover like me, one could not resist the temptation to try out different varieties / combinations of fillings in a single pancake as most of the pancake stalls in Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur) only serve the generic version; crushed peanuts, sugar, corns and grated coconuts.

Aki Pancake, Super Tanker Food Court Penang

With over 20 types of combinations, one could not possibly bored of it. Safe fillings such as crushed peanuts, peanut butter and sweet kernel corns are available while for the more adventurous food lovers, ingredients such as tuna, egg, banana, cheese, turkey ham, sausages and brown sugar are all available for selection. However, do bear in mind that regardless of what ingredients you are choosing, the base ingredient for the pancake will always be crushed peanuts.

Pancakes (apom)

Aki Pancakes (Apom) Banana Peanut Fillings

Besides the available combinations, what I like about this stall is its thickness of the pancakes and the amount of fillings given. As shown in the photos, the thickness was just nice while fillings were packed to the brim.

Aki Pancake (Apom) Tuna Filling

Don’t be surprised if you have to wait for your orders as we waited for ours for quite a while. So, if you are in the neighbourhood, do give it a try. If you are not, drive to the given destination and try it!

Address :
Aki Pancake
Super Tanker Food Court
Jalan Nipah
Taman Lip Sin
11900 Penang.

GPS Coordinates : 5.342807, 100.295482


  1. Yummmm!!! Looks good. I love these thin types…not the thick ones.

  2. OMg!!! I loveeee ban chang kuih! It’s so hard to find good BCK in KL!

  3. Wahhh..the filling is so full!!! Banana and peanuts…good combination. If would to add some chocolate sauce..yummmm

  4. yummy to the generous fillings! i wonder though, if i pretended to have a peanut allergy, whether they’d agree to leave the nuts out of the pancake :D

  5. I wish I can get this at KL~~

  6. wow the banana pancake is really thick with lots of filling! :)

  7. Just had the yummiest banana and coconut pancakes in Penang. The banana and peanut butter one in your pic looks yummy.

  8. OMG! Looks so yummy!!

  9. i love them with lots of corn and peanut. yes with banana too!

  10. suituapui : I like both! Hehe.

    Smitten By Food : Yeah. It’s getting harder to find them. The ones at pasar malam are too expensive and couldn’t make the grade.

    Melissa : Yeah, it’s a good combi. I think they have chocolate sauce too. But I could be wrong though.

    Sean : Erm… I think they can cater your request.

    Choi Yen : Nope. Or they are way too little fillings and expensive.

    Fish : Yeap!

    missyblurkit : Oh yes… I like them filled with corns too.

  11. hmmmm that is my favourite pancake..i have to visit them soon.