Buy 1 Free 1 McDonald’s Chicken Foldover

Update 1 : The promotion has ended. Those who have downloaded, I hope you enjoyed your meal!

Update 2 : McDonald’s Malaysia “Buy 1 Free 1” Chicken Foldover promotion is back! Click here for more info!

Previously, I wrote about McDonald’s Malaysia re-introduction of their popular Chicken Foldover which I got to know of through the channel of social media (FB in this case).

Buy 1 Free 1 McDonald's Chicken Foldover Voucher

And all thanks to FB again, I got to know about this offer (Buy 1 Free 1) which will begin today till 25 July 2012. So, what are you waiting for?!


  1. ooh, quite a great deal, especially since prices for chicken foldovers are pretty reasonable in the first place! :D

  2. suituapui : I think it applies to nationwide. There are terms and condition printed at the bottom of the voucher. Have a look at it. Besides, there’s no harm trying. Hehe. ;)

    Drops of Contentment : LOL!

    Simple Person : Do try them. No problem!

    Sean : Yeah. For the price, it is quite alright since the portion is reasonably huge.

  3. Seems like the foldover might be a slightly healthier option. I would like to see McDonalds making a bit more of an effort though in attempting to source their chicken from earth friendly farms.

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