Gong Cha At Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2

Update : This outlet is now permanently closed.

Things have changed quite a fair bit since I last wrote about them (posts – here and here). Since then, their menu have expanded so are the number of outlets. As of writing, there are 8 outlets in Klang Valley now.

Gong Cha Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2

But that’s not the end of it. Gong Cha Malaysia have decided to expand further by opening its 9th outlet in… Seremban!

Gong Cha Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2

Seating Area At Gong Cha Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2

Seating Area At Gong Cha Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2

Just like any other Gong Cha Malaysia outlets in Klang Valley, they are offering the same quality Signature drinks here.

Gong Cha Chocolate Milk Tea with PearlsChocolate Milk Tea with Pearls

For this visit, I decided to try their Chocolate Milk Tea with Pearls (RM6.50). I was skeptical at first but boy, was I wrong. Despite its name and visual appearance, the drink was adequately rich with chocolate-y goodness. Dare I say that it is better (and cheaper) than the ones by major coffee joints! It is perfect for those who loves chocolate-based drinks or those who do not fancy tea or coffee.

Gong Cha Malaysia

There are a couple more new outlets in the pipeline for this year. Let’s all wait for their announcement in coming months!

Address :
257, Jalan S2 B12,
Uptown Avenue,
70300 Seremban.

GPS Coordinates : 2.69491, 101.910666

Check out their Facebook on the locations in Malaysia.


  1. what?! gong cha has just nine outlets in malaysia? gosh, if someone had asked me to guess, i’d have said 60! i thought they’re everywhere now, but maybe most bubble tea outlets are a blur to me. looks like this seremban outlet is pretty spacious … and they could definitely pack in more tables and chairs to fit in the crowd :D

  2. Huh? You are from Seremban?
    Guess what..I was so excited that Gongcha open in Seremban..which is very near to my parent’s house. I went there on the 1st day. Return on 2nd day to queue up for their free drinks. Then return again at night to purchase another cup of drink =p

  3. Sean : Maybe you’re confused with other brands since there are more than 10 brands in the market now. Haha. Yeah, they are quite spacious and trendy compared to other outlets but I think the spacing between tables are just right.

    missyblurkit : Yeah but they are not as vigorous as other brands in terms of expansion. You should try them at least once (go for their Signature drink!).

    Melissa : Gosh… you are more hardcore than I do. Haha. Nah… I’m from KL. Me and a couple of friends made a mini road trip to Seremban for food and this. Hehe.

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