Crumbs + LuxBite Macarons

These macarons are by far the most expensive I’ve ever purchased. For price of RM30, these specially-crafted set of four macarons are too gorgeous to be eaten. But then again, there’s no point of keeping since I’ve already paid for them. If you need to know, they are available at Crumbs + LuxBite booth outside of Isetan, 1st floor in 1 Utama shopping centre until 25th December 2012.

Crumbs + Lux Bites Macarons

Sorry, there are no up-close photos of each macarons because they disappeared into my stomach before they managed to enjoy the basking sun. Anyway, I liked the light airy texture which worked wonders with the simple yet interesting fillings. There are 2 sets with various fillings in it (checkout their facebook for more info). I opted for the one with teddy bear and snowman (although I really like the Santa Claus too!).

Now, I’m not a big fan of (super) sweet food, but surprisingly, these macarons fair pretty well on my ‘sweet-o-meter’. They are way less sweet than I thought they would be and the ones I had over the years, albeit in small amount. But for such price, one would think it’s ridiculous to pay for a box of four pieces of macarons. But hey… whether it’s for festive season sake or one off purchase as a gift, one could not really argue about the price after looking at these pretty sweet confectionaries.

So, do you have any favourite macarons? Do share with me!

Address :
Crumbs x Luxbite booth
Outside Isetan 1st Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya.

Website : Crumbs Facebook Page


  1. crumbs? at first i thought it is the one at pavilion…but they dont sell macaroon… glad to find a new macaron store in 1U :)

  2. Melissa : But at the end of the day, you still need to eat it. Hehe.

    Drops of Contentment : Yeap. They’re really adorable. I’ve heard of the one in Bangsar but have yet to try them.

    Fish : Same thoughts but they were only there until 25 December.

  3. here’s crossing our fingers that for christmas 2013, crumbs & luxbite will combine forces again to deliver more delicious macarons! :D

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