S.Wine Café, Publika

Of late, my breakfast during (working) weekdays has been rather uninspiring. Sausage buns, peanut butter jam sandwich and occasional noodles and nasi lemak are mainly the ones that ‘fuel’ me throughout my working morning. It came to a point whereby I’d cringe whenever I think about what to have for breakfast on the next day. But all is different for the weekends which I really look forward to every week not only for the well deserved rest but also for the vast selections I get to choose from for my meals.

S.Wine Cafe, Publika

I would usually visit places like this and this for breakfast/brunch but on rare occasion, I would go for the good ol’ western style big breakfast. I am always a fan of bacons, mushrooms, toasts and most importantly, eggs for breakfast. La Bodega is the place I frequent to for their English breakfast and occasionally, I would go to Antipodean for a porky feast breakfast.

S.Wine Cafe, Publika

Wanting to try something new, my friend and I have decided to head to this place as I have heard and read good stuff about their breakfast. Situated inside of a supermarket (Ben’s Independent Grocer), S.Wine Café could literally fit around 40 customers or so due to its small area.

S.Wine Cafe, Publika

Being one of the earliest customers on a fine Saturday morning, the restaurant was pretty empty with only one table occupied. The staffs were in relaxing mood, ready take orders and serve.

Fresh Buns by S.Wine Cafe, Publika

The food didn’t take long to arrive but before that, fresh buns were served with a cube of salted butter. The slight sweetish buns were warm and fluffy, melting the frozen butter effortlessly.

The English Fry Up by S.Wine Cafe, Publika

We opted for two breakfast meals. The English Fry Up (RM39) came with a coffee/tea and orange juice. 2 eggs, homemade pork sausage, sautéed mushrooms, smoked bacons, thick slab of ham, spiced baked beans, grilled tomato and pillow-soft toast with a cube of butter on top; all arranged side-by-side on a oval plate.

The English Fry Up by S.Wine Cafe, Publika

Oddly, they did not ask the preference on how I would my eggs to be done but I would have chosen sunny side up anyway.

Iced Cappuccino & Orange Juice by S.Wine Cafe, Publika

With the option of coffee/tea (not restricted to black coffee only), Iced Cappuccino (RM10) was the chosen one. There’s nothing to shout about but its caffeine dosage is sufficient to kick-start your day.

French Toasts with Grilled Banana by S.Wine Cafe, Publika

The French Toast with Grilled Banana (RM19) surprised us with its portion… and the bacons. The dollop of creamy peanut butter worked wonders alongside with the egg-dipped, pan-fried thick yet soft toasts and two large grilled bananas covered in drizzles of maple syrup. It did fill us up quite fast but we enjoyed its complexity texture and comforting taste. It’s best to share if you are aiming for other dishes apart from this mammoth.

S.Wine Cafe, Publika

Now… some would think that the price is too hefty for such meal but I guess, for me at least, the portion and quality definitely justify its price tag. On the plus side, the coffees are affordable yet good compared to other famous coffee joints.

Address :
S.Wine Café
Ben’s Independent Grocer,
Lot 1A 83 – 95 Level UG 1,
Publika Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,

Business Hours : 11AM – 10PM (Weekdays), 9AM – 10 PM (Weekends)


  1. great shot of the french toast in all its gigantic-gargantuan proportions! maybe you could try to make wednesdays a ‘mid-week treat’ day, when you could look for something tasty for breakfast :D

  2. Simple Person : Yeah. But it’s kinda pricey though…

    Sean : Yea… It’s good idea to do so to make the weekends arrive sooner!

    Choi Yen : I’ve only tried a few from their menu. As for the breakfast, I guess the price is slightly high although the portion and items are different from the rest.

    missyblurkit : Agree! S.Wine is near to my office but I still rarely visit them! Hehe.

  3. Drooling at the fresh buns!! The English Fry Up looks delicious! I would love to try the French toast with Grilled banana too! Yummy!!

  4. suituapui : Bacons! Thanks. Hehe.

    ahlost : Yes, you must. Do try this when you’re there. :)

    foongpc : Try all, they are all yummy! Haha.

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