Movenpick Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream

We spotted this little ice cream parlour when we were visiting Big Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Yai). What caught our attention was the location of this shop since most (if not all) of the shops were mainly selling souvenirs. I’m not sure which was the actual name but let’s go with Movenpick, shall we?

Movenpick Ice Cream


Sea View at Movenpick Ice Cream

The layout was simple and nice with the option of dining al-fresco style with magnificent sea/lake view while enjoying the scoop(s). The ice cream options were limited but sufficient to satisfy one’s craving.

Movenpick Ice Cream

Movenpick Ice Cream

Despite the hefty price, the ice cream was pretty good; smooth yet dense with flavour. It’s definitely a welcoming pleasure after a long walk under the hot scorching sun.


  1. Wow! Quite expensive ice cream, but eating it with the amazing view sure makes up for the high price : )

  2. All over New Zealand but I did not bother to try – got lots of their own, all very nice ones.

  3. 120 baht for a scoop indeed expensive huh.
    But I like the seaview lar…. :-D

  4. Yeah, agree with the other comments, expensive, but hey, when are you ever gonna have ice cream with that kind of view again right? :D

  5. i love their signboard … “PROBABLY the best” … much cooler than food outlets that claim they serve THE best of something (which they usually don’t, heh). it looks good, i definitely would have stepped in for a cup too! :D

  6. The stunning sea view definitely worth the $ paid!

  7. foongpc : Yea, indeed. Love the view.

    suituapui : You should since they have better dairy products.

    Melissa : Yea. I didn’t thought about it until much later on. Hehe.

    Drops of Contentment : True true…

    Sean : Yea, love the way they put it. Haha.

    Choi Yen : Yeap! :D

  8. Wow! BLUE! Some sight not to be missed. Awesome photo!

  9. sycookies : Hey, thanks for visiting! Yeah, I love the sight of the sea at this location…

  10. Dang in this hot weather…that cup of ice cream is screaming my name!

  11. missyblurkit : LOL! Go grab one now! :D

  12. hollo im the man working in that movenpick ice cream parlor. ^_^