Since the inception of Publika and/or Solaris Dutamas, the food choices are aplenty and they could possibly cater every single picky taste bud out there. From eastern to western, pork-serving restaurants like Fatboy’s Burger Bar and, and even street / hawker style foods, one would be spoilt for choice when selecting based on their preference and… the thickness of their wallet/purse.

The Red Beanbag, Publika

And then, there is this; The Red Beanbag. It is pretty well known by now for its quality food, nice coffee and good ambiance. Prior to this visit, I’ve been to this place once which was last year when they were then-newly opened. Back then, crowds were there but not as packed as nowadays but if I were to compare to the food portions, it seemed like it has shrunk quite a bit compared to last time.

Shroom Shroom by The Red Beanbag

Take for example their pasta dish; Shroom Shroom (RM25). If I’m not mistaken, back then, there were two sizes (entree and main) and I am not sure they still practice this both sizing now but I could be wrong though. But by the look of the photo above, the portion seemed to be like entree size (although it is main according to the receipt) which I ordered last time. And for that price tag, I think it is wee bit too expensive.

Furthermore, despite its generous ingredients (beef bacons and mushrooms) and rich sauce, I would have enjoyed the dish more if they didn’t add truffle oil onto the already good dish.

Awesome Breakfast Fry Up by The Red Beanbag

As for the Awesome Breakfast Fry Up (RM22), it could have been better if there were more ingredients. On the plate, there were 2 slices of beef bacons (or probably one sliced into two), chicken sausage, run-of-the-mill hash brown, one bowl of baked beans, 2 slices of bread, sautéed mushrooms & vegetables and a patch of scrambled eggs. I liked the pretty looking yet nicely cooked eggs. It was slightly creamy and with a dash of salt and pepper, it’s perfect to eat it on its own or with buttered toast. The sausage, presumably specially-made, was somewhat alright; slightly spicy with firm texture. The least favourite of all was the sautéed mushroom due to its sourish taste. It would be great if they keep it simple like Antipodean’s or La Bodega’s. But then again, their take might work for others but it certainly didn’t work for me.

Tiramisu by The Red Beanbag

I’ve read good reviews about their Tiramisu (RM15) so I had to try it since I’ve been longing to do so for quite some time. Despite its hefty price, I was surprised by its sheer size. Sure, I did saw a couple of photos of it on the internet, but I didn’t expect the size until it was placed right in front of me. The tiramisu was good but the coffee essence was really strong that it has the bitter aftertaste of every bite. I got somewhat off-putting after a couple of spoons due to the bitterness but thankfully, the cake was shared with another friend whom struggled to finish it too.

Watermelon Juice & Iced Cappuccino by The Red Beanbag

Known for its quality coffee, I had their Iced Cappuccino (RM9) which was good although coffee purists might castigate on any iced coffees. There was nothing to shout about their watermelon juice (RM9).

Inside of The Red Beanbag

Overall, the meal was pleasant. The service was quick although they should have waiter stationed at the end of the dining room as we had to walk to the front to ask for some service. Sure, there were more misses compared to what I read from the internet but I guess these were just my personal preference. Some might not agree with my viewing which I totally understand but I do hope they maintain their quality but increase their portion size (i.e. pasta) to at least justify the price they are charging.

Address :
Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone Number : +603 6211 5116


  1. Portion smaller? It happens right after the restaurant has established itself? I’ve seen it happened at so many other restaurants! The tiramisu cake looks delicious!! : )

  2. I would love to have “Shroom Shroom”. It looks tempting.
    Hmm…you are probably right about the price & food portion.

  3. ooo, i haven’t tried the shroom shroom yet. partly cos i’m not really a fan of mushrooms, but it looks tempting! :D

  4. foongpc : I guess it is smaller compared to last time. And yeah… tiramisu is good if you like coffee.

    Melissa : The pasta tastes delicious but the portion is kinda small for its price.

    Sean : You should give it a try!

  5. That’s what they said about the tiramisu…..I have yet to try them probably because I am no fan of tiramisu. Just that so many people saying it was good and I thought I should perhaps give it a go. But every time I am there, I’ll be like “ok, next time..”. My friend also complained about the portion during our recent visit.

  6. From the name, I thought this would be a place selling ang tao peng!

  7. The place was empty when ur visit? *Referring to your last photo*

  8. sycookies : You should give a try once. At least, you’ll know how good it is. And yeah, I guess the portion has shrank compared to last time.

    suituapui : LOL! I guess many would have thought that too!

    Choi Yen : I went during lunch time on weekdays. The crowd mostly sat outside while this area was deep inside. Hehe.

  9. One of our regular haunts over weekends. And the tiramisu is actually my fave:P

  10. missyblurkit : Uh oh… I haven’t been here on weekends though.